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Kids on the Move

By Cindy Bross, PhD | December 7, 2007 |

?As kids’ fitness
instructors, our challenge is to help children de­velop active, positive
lifestyles. In­tegrating knowledge and activity will help convince children
that exercise is important to their well-being and increase …

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Body Circuit

By IDEA Authors | November 30, 2007 |

Do you work at a facility on a tight budget, or are you just looking for a creative new way to teach a challenging class? Don’t forget that your own body can be a valuable piece of equipment for both cardiovascular and strength training. Used effectively, body weight can provide optimal functional resistance for anaerobic interval training. Anaerobic training is an essential compon…

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Partner Exercises

By Sherri McMillan, MS | November 1, 2007 |

In today’s society, people struggle to find enough time to complete work-related projects, enjoy their loved ones and also take good care of themselves. A personal fitness trainer (PFT) who can demonstrate to clients that they can spend quality time with their sweetie or friends while helping each other stay healthy and fit will be in high demand! Partner training is more economical f…

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A Ball for All

By Norma Shechtman, MEd, MA | October 31, 2007 |

The stability ball has been used by physical therapists for years, and the fitness industry has fully embraced this tool for group exercise and private training. The stability ball creates an unstable surface and can be used for strength, balance, coordination, agility, core work and flexibility. Some of my favorite exercises challenge both balance and core strength. For review purposes,…

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Personal Training Stays on Top, Study Shows

By Kelsey Garrison | October 17, 2007 |

SAN DIEGO – Personal training, mind-body fusion and outdoor activities continue to be popular offerings at health clubs while stability balls, resistance bands and balance boards are the most frequently offered equipment, according to the 12th annual IDEA Fitness Programs and Equipment Survey.
The survey of 225 IDEA members, who consist of health club owners, fitness center managers and…

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Latest Trends on Health and Fitness

By IDEA Authors | October 17, 2007 |

IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the leading membership organization of health, wellness and fitness professionals worldwide with more than 21,000 members in over 80 countries, has announced the findings of its annual IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey. In its 12th year, the survey revealed an increasing range of activities and gear that are specially targeted to meet the diverse n…

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Best Ways To Build Muscle At Any Age

By Allison Van Dusen | October 17, 2007 |

If you think 20 to 30 minutes of cardio a few days a week is all you need to keep your health in check over the next few decades, it’s time to wake up and smell the iron.

Earlier this month, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association updated their physical activity guidelines, encouraging Americans to strength-train at least twice a week and work out…

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Training to Failure

By Len Kravitz, PhD | September 30, 2007 |

When personal fitness trainers (PFTs) design resistance training programs, they regularly discuss with clients the issue of training to failure—or momentary muscular fatigue. Many trainers adhere to a very strict policy, stating that if muscular “failure” during…

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Too Much of 2 Good Things?

By Kriston Koepp, MS | August 31, 2007 |

The overall landscape of training methods and individuals who participate in recreational exercise is vast and varied.Who are these individuals, and what do they do? Let’s use “David” as an example. This fictional recreational-exercise client is an avid basketball player for an all-men’s league.
His team plays twice a week, but David still wants to stay conditioned and maintain his strength. Ther…

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Wet workout

By IDEA Authors | May 7, 2007 |

When you think of using the pool for fitness, you probably imagine swimmers doing laps. Although swimming is a fantastic workout, it's time to rethink the pool as another frontier of fitness, a liquid athletic training ground, if you will.So say goodbye to aqua aerobics, and make way for a new generation of water-based classes.This summer, instructors across the country have been exp…

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Twist the day away with Gyrotonic

By Lisa Liddane | May 7, 2007 |

Sabrina Aspesi straddles a wood and metal exercise machine that resembles a reincarnation of a medieval torture rack – complete with pulleys, chains and weight plates. Her torso bends forward and back, arms and hands pushing and pulling two large knobs in fluid, sweeping, circular movements – as if stirring a giant vat of milk.This is the Gyrotonic workout, a regimen that some fitness-in…

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More expert advice on pumping iron

By IDEA Authors | May 6, 2007 |

Diving headfirst into your fitness resolutions for the year, you might have told your friends you really just want to improve your overall health.But let's be honest. Women want a tight rear and lean, muscular legs.Men want a barrel chest and arms like a rolled roast.Both men and women want six-pack abs.We've put together a few ways to attack those areas – chest, ar…

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Aerobic and Resistance Training Sequence

By Len Kravitz, PhD | March 31, 2007 |

Drummond, M.J., et al. 2005. Aerobic and resistance exercise sequence affects excess postexercise oxygen consumption. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 19 (2), 332–37.

Combining aerobic exercise and resistance training in the same workout session, a technique referred to as concurrent training, can be a time-efficient training metho…

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The Stronger the Better

By Joy Keller | October 31, 2006 |

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Trends in Strength Training—United States, 1998–2004,” delivered good news and bad news about weightlifting among U.S. citizens. While strength training participation increased slightly from 1998 to 2004, only 21.9% of men and 17.5% of women said they trained two or more times per week. Those per…

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Injury Prevention: Group Strength

By Leigh Crews | October 31, 2006 |

Strength training has long been a popular component of group fitness programs. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, participation is high. According to the 2006 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey, 77% of respondents reported offering group strength training clas…

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Sample Class: Body Circuit

By Eve Fleck, MS | September 30, 2006 |

Do you work at a facility on a tight budget, or are you just looking for a creative new way to teach a challenging class? Don’t forget that your own body can be a valuable piece of equipment for both cardiovascular and strength training. Used effectively, body weight can provide optimal functional resistance for anaerobic interval training.
Anaerobic training is an essential c…

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Breast Cancer Survivors Benefit From Weight Training

By Joy Keller | June 30, 2006 |

Strength training significantly enhances the quality of life of women recently treated for breast cancer, according to a new study. Published March 27 online at, the study found that 6 months of twice-weekly exercise that improved strength and body composition was enough to benefit patients’ overall physical and emotional condition. (The study …

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