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Branded Programming

Creative Ideas that Inspire

Barrelesque at Rock in Opposition, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a mash–up of various dance styles, Pilates and yoga. It includes barre techniques, but it also spices things up with burlesque–style dance movements. Open to all levels, this class provides a dynamic workout in a playful environment.
Games at My House Fitness® in Winter Springs, Florida, is a school recess–inspired experience for adults.

Buddy Boot Camp

A thriving business is not built overnight, but you can beef up your bottom line and spark new energy in just 14 days. Learn the nuts and bolts of running a simple, 2-week Buddy Boot Camp that can be a slam dunk in your personal training or fitness business. Discover how to execute this program, which you can tailor to the size and strengths of your business model. Get ready to jolt your revenues and wow your current and prospective clients.

Our Story

Adaptable Program Design

A perfect match. Sometimes, in what seems a stroke of kismet, a
perfect client-trainer relationship begins. Several years ago, Eran, a
longtime dancer for Paul Taylor’s American Modern Dance Company, moved
to Brooklyn in New York City. She had been working with a personal
trainer in Harlem until the commute from Brooklyn became too much of a

New Versus Tried-and-True

Group fitness programmers face the same dilemma every new season: how to balance tried-and-true popular class formats with burgeoning trends to keep things fresh and dynamic. One goal is to retain current members as satisfied, repeat customers; the other goal is to attract new participants and build excitement. Both objectives are relevant to generating and sustaining business, and both demand equal attention. But other factors also come into play, such as available instructor talent; training/certification requirements; and potential investment in new equipment and license fees.

Seven Reasons People Join a Fitness Facility, Part Two

Fitness facility owners and managers often focus on what they offer instead of why they offer it. In the first part of this series about why people decide to join a fitness facility, we explored the roles that inspiration, motivation and doctor’s orders play. In this second part, we’ll discuss four more guideposts.

The Multi-Studio Membership Model: Partner or Competitor?

Have you heard about the new kid in town? Almost overnight, an
innovative, tech-driven business model has arisen in the fitness
industry that’s reinventing how consumers access gyms and experience
exercise. It’s called a multi-studio membership. For one
low, recurring monthly fee (typically $99), fitness consumers who’ve
signed up for a membership gain access to countless studios/gyms and
hundreds or thousands of classes in their cities, and sometimes in other
cities, too.

Top Tips for Personal Branding

More and more, knowledgeable individuals are developing themselves as brands. For exam- ple, well-known fitness professionals like Chalene Johnson and Cassey Ho have become the product they sell. Public relations expert Marsha Friedman believes that everyone should follow in these experts’ footsteps. “By branding yourself—making sure the world knows who you are and what expertise you have to offer—you not only set yourself apart from your competitors but you also open the door to new opportunities,” she explains.

Here are her top tips for developing your own brand:

The Science of Suspension Exercise

Suspension exercise combines body weight and anchored, seatbelt-like straps to provide an alternative to free weights and machines. The question on a lot of trainers’s minds is whether these strap-based training systems work as well as more traditional resistance training tools. Though research into this question has been somewhat sparse, studies are starting to paint a picture of effective ways to integrate suspension exercise into a workout program.

Group Fitness Must-Haves

Thirty years ago there was really just one option in group fitness: high-impact aerobics. Now, as IDEA Health & Fitness Association turns 30, there are many wonderful choices. It’s impossible to list the current top…

DanceDanceRevolution Gets Schooled

This fall, Konami Digital Entertainment’s popular DanceDance­Revolution will arrive in various schools across the United States.

A developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties, Konami has partnered with organizations like the American Diabetes Association®,

The National Foundation on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition and Let’s Move in School to encourage physical activity with Dance
Dance­Revolution Classroom Edition.

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