Washington Athletic Club in Seattle offers members a triple threat with Buff, Bike & Balance. This “express workout” combines 4-minute intervals of cycling, weights and core balance practice “for an intense fat-burning, cardio and sculpting workout.”

The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (JCCSF) gives participants a range of options with its Dance Potluck. Each month the JCCSF presents a different dance class. In October, members got a taste of Boomercize and in December they tried Sharqui Bellydance.

Sunrise Sweat at the 12th Street Gym in Philadelphia gives new meaning to the phrase “Rise and shine!” The class uses medicine balls, resistance bands, the Body Bar® and other pieces of equipment to get muscles moving. The online description touts the class as being “a complete strength and cardio workout all in one fun-filled hour.”

Iron Core in San Diego specializes in unique classes utilizing the kettlebell. One option, 300, employs basic kettlebell drills, body weight moves and plyometrics to help get members into “Spartan shape.”

Exercise enthusiasts who also have an interest in musicals got the best of both worlds when the Fit Athletic Club in San Diego offered a free, one-time opportunity to work out with the cast of A Chorus Line. Cast members actually taught signature moves from the hit musical in a class that was described in a press release as “a torturous but fabulous workout.”

Sanchez Street Studio in San Francisco gives members a break in tough economic times by offering recent graduates of its teacher-training program additional
experience with Community Class. For only $5, participants learn Pilates in a mixed-level mat environment.

The M.E.L.T. Method (MELT) helps participants be better at activities they love, such as running and biking. MELT, which stands for “Myofascial Energetic Length Technique,” uses small rubber balls and a foam roller to assist participants in addressing connective-tissue issues in a 45-minute class.

Pilates on Fifth in New York City celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October by offering Pink Ribbon Pilates. Owners and sisters Katherine and Kimberly Corp developed the program after receiving their certification as cancer exercise specialists and volunteering at Mount Sinai’s Breast Health Resource Center. Among other goals, Pink Ribbon Pilates strives to help breast cancer survivors regain strength and mobility in the affected arm(s), learn specific exercises to increase flexibility and range of motion. and return to daily-life activities without fear of injury.