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At Studio KTM in Pacific Palisades, California, members improve their cardiovascular fitness and strength with K Training™. Each participant gets his or her own “K station,” which uses cable resistance and a variety of functional moves to improve balance, stability, strength, flexibility and endurance.

Bi-Polar, offered at Crunch gym in Homestead, Pennsylvania, gives participants a mixture of cardiovascular training and restorative stretching. The class begins with high-intensity work that utilizes sandbags and jump ropes for an added challenge, and then transitions to deep stretching.

At UFC GYM® in Alexandria, New South Wales, members choose from a wide variety of classes, including On the Ropes and MuVz. On the Ropes is a 25-minute high-intensity session that alternates between jump roping and core training. MuVz is a high-intensity cardio class that combines strength, flexibility and core training with kickboxing and dance for a full-body workout.

SHIFT, offered at XMA World Headquarters in North Hollywood, California, is a low-impact, high-energy interval training session. This class combines cardiovascular and resistance training to target fat loss, build muscle and improve cardiovascular fitness.

At Vent Fitness® in Guilderland, New York, members reduce stress and rejuvenate with PTALE. This 60-minute mind-body session focuses on restoration and flexibility to help attendees relax.

Students at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York, have a wide variety of group fitness classes to choose from, including Cycle Cinema and Gym Class Heroes. Cycle Cinema allows participants to relax as they cycle while watching a movie. Gym Class Heroes is for participants who miss playing organized sports. It offers a wide variety of options, including volleyball, badminton and dodgeball.

Shock & Ahh!, offered at Marine Corps Community Services, Camp Lejeune, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, combines a little bit of everything to give participants a full-body workout. The session starts with 25–35 minutes of high-intensity work that incorporates body weight conditioning, sprints, speed, agility and plyometrics. The second half of class focuses on core conditioning and stretching to improve participants’ flexibility and strength.

Zen Body, found at Hot Mamas™ in Denver, combines ashtanga, vinyasa and restorative yoga styles with short bursts of strength and cardiovascular training for a full-body workout. This session is prechoreographed and set to a “soulful music blend.”

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