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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Sunrise Savage, offered at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, Massachusetts, is a 1-hour morning fitness program that employs an unconventional hybrid obstacle course. Playful attendees throw spears, climb ropes and cargo nets, swing on rings, scale walls, flip tires and use sledgehammers. “Anyone can and should do this class,” says class participant John Langan. “You get to do things you can’t find in other gyms: swing across rings like Tarzan, climb cargo nets like Spider-Man, and smash tires with sledgehammers like Thor.”

Small groups of diverse people share one professional trainer at Speedflex in London. Beginners and experienced athletes alike participate in the same groups. The 45-minute sessions include a combination of machines and traditional exercise modalities and focus on high-intensity, low-impact exercises suitable for all fitness levels.

The cardio workout Ropes Gone Wild, found at Enrgi in Chicago, encourages members to burn calories by pairing high speed with different types of ropes, including heavy jump ropes and battle ropes, for a full-body workout.

At Healthtrax® Fitness & Wellness in Raleigh, North Carolina, members increase flexibility, range of motion and well-being during Aqua Tai Chi.
The water-based class uses traditional Eastern-influenced movements to focus on proper breathing and alignment.

Created by a former Golden Gloves champion, Boxing Bootcamp combines boxer’s conditioning drills, such as jumping rope and shadow boxing, with traditional boot camp–style exercises. The classes, which are held in Ashland, Massachusetts, were created by Gina Klay, who refers to Boxing Bootcamp as “the Anti-Alzheimer’s Workout.” She says this moniker is appropriate “since punches and combinations test participants’ mental acuity. It’s also a safe place for people to vent, and some say it’s the cheapest therapy they’ve ever [had].”

Dance to international urban beats at Kazaxe (pronounced kah-zah-shay) in Springfield, Virginia. According to the online description, “xe” means “positive vibe,” and instructors aim for a party-like atmosphere that gets people moving. Dancers boogie down to music genres such as samba, Brazilian funk, soca, dancehall and more.

The fitness needs of older adults are of primary importance at Baby Boomer Boot Camp, offered at Idaho Fitness Factory in Boise, Idaho. The class is especially good for people who have previous injuries or are in the beginning stages of
arthritis or osteoporosis. The moderate exercises focus on balance training, flexibility and strength/resistance training.

People who love checking things off their to-do lists will likely enjoy Elimin8tor at Equinox in Santa Monica, California. This class uses cards to count down and eliminate exercises one at time, turning a mundane cardio workout into an interactive game.

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