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Avera McKennan Fitness Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, offers a wide variety of fitness classes to meet all of its members’ needs. Lite-N-Low focuses on strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness and is suitable for all fitness levels.

FemFusion® Fitness, a 60-minute workout designed specifically for women, enhances overall strength and fitness while paying special attention to the core muscles. This class, offered at Grace Studio in Kaiserslautern, Germany, utilizes dance, “micro” and power moves and Pilates mat work to increase stability, balance and control.

The Studio (MDR) in Marina Del Ray, California, uses the Lagree Method and a Megaformer machine to teach members how to build strong, fit bodies. (MDR) ALL Levels, the basic class, includes a 50-minute session on the Megaformer, which combines muscular endurance, cardio training and strength-based moves to give attendees a full-body workout.

Adrenaline Group Exercise in Chamblee, Georgia, offers AGX Cycle, a challenging 55-minute cycling class. Participants alternate between intervals, high-intensity sprints and a recovery ride to improve their cardio, endurance and strength.

Step, Jump & Pump, available at Maine Pines Racquet & Fitness in Brunswick, Maine, is a total-body interval class suitable for all fitness levels, according to the online class description. This offering mixes step, high-low, sports conditioning moves and strength training into one multipurpose session.

At Chuze Fitness in Tucson, Arizona, members pick from a variety of classes, including specialized options like KettleKamp. This 50-minute, full-body workout uses kettlebells to help participants increase their strength, endurance, agility and cardiovascular fitness.

Versa Ball, one of the many classes available at Red Hawk Golf and Resort in Sparks, Nevada, uses large, vinyl balls to challenge participants. According to the online description, the balls add an extra dimension to participants’ strength, balance and core stability training.

At Pro Fitness Training in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, members challenge
their fitness levels with classes such as Gladiator and Renegade. Gladiator participants follow a circuit format to increase their strength and combat conditioning. Renegade sessions include a variety of kickboxing combinations that enhance strength and cardiovascular fitness.

EcoCross, an athletic conditioning class offered at EcoFitness in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, is designed to increase overall fitness as well as improve specific skills. This session takes place in a small-group setting and follows a CrossFit® format with a special focus on kettlebell, strength and core training.

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