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Zumba® Step puts a twist on the traditional Zumba format by blending step training into the mix. This class, which is available at 24 Hour Fitness® in San Diego, improves strength and cardiovascular endurance with a special focus on the lower body.

At Diamond Athletic Club in Anchorage, Alaska, members build strength and endurance with Sweat Shop. This high-energy class combines hip-hop moves, strength training and endurance exercises, and is suitable for all Fitness levels, including families and children, according to the online description.

Vertical Arabesque™, offered at Elegant Body Pilates in Gainesville, Florida, challenges attendees’ coordination, balance and memory, while also focusing on strengthening and conditioning. This class follows a typical ballet format but uses a vertical pole rather than the traditional horizontal one.

At Idaho Athletic Club located in Boise, Idaho, members increase their cardiovascular Fitness and strength with Power 90 Step. ?This 90-minute offering starts with 45 minutes of step training, followed by 45 minutes of strength exercises.

Strengthen & Lengthen, featured at O2 Fitness in Wilmington, North Carolina, combines yoga, gymnastics, Pilates and functional training into one inclusive class. During this session participants work on increasing stamina, range of motion, balance, flexibility and strength.

At eVOLV Fitness in Albuquerque, New Mexico, members choose from a variety of unique classes, including Radiance and Rush. Radiance uses a ballet barre, Pilates and isometric movements to target attendees’ cores and upper legs. Rush is an intensive cardio class that tests participants’ fitness levels through Tabata, relays, sports conditioning games and other challenges.

Modo Yoga® takes participants through a series of 40 postures in a specially heated room, which ranges from 103 to 105 degrees. This class, offered at Modo Yoga in Minneapolis, focuses on building strength, calming the mind, reducing stress and promoting detoxification.

Splyo, available at World™ Gym in Lowell, Arkansas, offers participants an intense full-body workout. The session starts with cycling before moving to the floor for plyometric work and then finishing with core exercises.

At Genesis in Bayswater, Australia, participants challenge their fitness levels with a total-body circuit challenge. Shockwave uses Indo-Row® machines, BOSU® Balance Trainers, body bars and kettlebells to increase attendees’ strength cation. and cardiovascular fitness.

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