H.I.I.P. Hype (High-Intensity Interval Painting) in New York challenges body, mind and creativity. Ninety-minute sessions begin with a warm-up followed by short intervals of high-intensity body-weight exercises interspersed with periods of painting. The energy participants generate while exercising helps them express themselves more freely when they paint, according to organizers. The last 15 minutes of class are reserved for a cool-down, as well as painting presentations. Mats and art materials are provided.

COMPANY Dance Cardio at The Company in San Francisco blends high-intensity dance cardio sequences with lightweight resistance training. This athletic workout is designed to increase endurance and sculpt the whole body. Dance Cardio avoids the repetitive motions of many other cardio activities, and the music-based movement makes this an enjoyable fitness style. Both fun and challenging, it is open to dancers (and novices) of every fitness level.

Speedplay 60 is interval training that combines running, rowing, suspension and lifting into one challenging workout. Created by a chiropractor and a personal trainer, the class is offered at Speedplay in Los Angeles and accommodates both beginners and experienced athletes. The program is designed to allow safe and effective daily participation the entire week, so while each workout encompasses the whole body, each day alternates between a posterior-chain focus and an anterior-chain focus.

Urban BootCamp at Midtown Studio in Paris provides sports training in an urban setting and with an immersive atmosphere that utilizes creative lighting and motivational music. The sessions combine cardiovascular training, strength training and mobility in varying intensities to increase endurance, strength, resistance and agility.

Shadowbox recreates the boxing ritual of "shadowboxing"—which happens before a match, when boxers use movement without physical contact to prepare themselves physically and mentally. This full-body workout, offered at Shadowbox in New York, includes rounds of shadowboxing, body-weight exercises and heavy-bag work—all without fighting or physical contact with others. Energetic music and a dimly lit environment enhance focus and privacy.

Mobility at Fit and Fun in Cape Coral, Florida, incorporates the demands of high-intensity exercise and addresses the loss of flexibility that can occur with age, lack of motion and excessive stress. Guided stretching offers an opportunity for participants to relieve the tension and tightness in hips and glutes that can contribute to back pain. This improves muscle elasticity and tone while increasing muscle control, flexibility and range of motion. These classes are held in both English and German to accommodate a wider population.