Rock Steady Boxing is offered at TITLE Boxing Club in Carlsbad, California. The program is based on professional boxing training but is geared to people with Parkinson's disease. The noncontact boxing techniques allow participants to enjoy a boxer's workout without sparring or fighting. The method's goal is to "attack" the vulnerable neurological points of Parkinson's by increasing balance and decreasing instability, rigidity and tremors. The class is open to men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

The H.E.A.R.T Program™ (Health Empowerment and Real Transformation) is a workshop created by Michelle Caron, RMT, CYT, in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. Eight 2‐hour modules offer a holistic approach to wholesome living by introducing participants to concepts of whole foods‐based nutrition, mindfulness techniques, exercise for beginners, herbal remedies and more.
The course addresses the need for preventive education, with an emphasis on the many facets of creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Growth Development Classes at JW Tumbles in Encinitas, California, are available in two categories: Parent‐Participation, for children aged 4 months to 3 years, and Independent, for children aged 3–9. The stimulating, fun environment provides a learning playground where children build social and developmental skills. The atmosphere is encouraging and noncompetitive, with physical activities that allow children to build fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, agility and flexibility, and prepare for participation in sports.

HYVÄ Nordic Walking, in New York City's Central Park, is a low‐impact cardio program offered at two levels of intensity. Participants experience the same physical intensity as they would if they were running but without the added stress on their joints. Each participant uses a set of Nordic walking poles and wears wireless transmitters through which they hear music and audio cues from the instructor. While the level‐one option provides a relaxed pace, the level‐
two class is a more moderate workout with interval training. The outdoor location offers the added benefits of fresh air and a natural environment.

YAS Class, at YAS Fitness Centers at various locations in California and Oregon, is a fusion between the studio's Yoga for Athletes® and indoor cycling classes. The hybrid combination is intended to provide the cardiovascular benefits of cycling with the strength and flexibility work of Yoga for Athletes. The first half hour is cycling, followed by a half hour of yoga. The yoga portion is designed to help athletes excel at their individual sport, but it is also beneficial to nonathletes who simply want to improve their balance, flexibility and stamina.