Floatfit®, offered at facilities worldwide, is a 30-minute HIIT workout on water. Participants utilize the aquabase®, an inflatable floating platform made of military-grade PVC fabric that provides a water-top platform for exercise. The full-body workout includes moves like burpees, lunges, squats and aquaclimbers, with an added balance challenge for training on the water's surface. Instructors also incorporate stretching into this dynamic half hour.

Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla, California, offers participants Yoga Lyft, a happy medium between a yoga class and strength training at the gym. Many who love the mental and emotional benefits of yoga but understand the need to include resistance training find this class a welcome compromise. It opens with traditional yoga centering to help participants create a calm state of mind before transitioning to a high-intensity workout. Ankle weights are worn throughout each session, and hand weights are also incorporated. Set to a high-energy playlist, this upbeat 45-minute class both invigorates and recharges.

Peninsula Family YMCA in San Diego offers Length 'n' Strength, originally designed by Sarah Vaaler as a way to manage her own pain. She eventually realized that the format had the potential to help a lot of people. Vaaler describes the class as "internal chiropractic," saying "it flows like a yoga class but its roots are based in ballet, modern dance, yoga, Pilates and from my own personal fitness experience." The offering is designed to help participants reduce pain, realign their bodies and refresh their minds.

DanceBody, featured at multiple locations in New York and Florida, draws on various dance styles to create a fitness experience that is so much fun it distracts participants from the fact that they're exercising. Set to a motivating soundtrack, the class includes both a cardio segment and a sculpting component. The latter involves dance-inspired moves that help participants target a wide range of muscles. It's open to dancers of all levels—from experienced to novice.

Tread Tabata®, at Kathy G's Tread Tabata® in Marblehead, Massachusetts, moves the concept of a traditional Tabata class onto the treadmill. After a warm-up, the full-body workout is presented in the Tabata format, with periods of maximum effort followed by rest. It incorporates both cardio and strength work, using varying speeds and incline settings on the treadmill as well as full-body intervals on the floor. Cool-down stretches round out this 50-minute fitness experience.