Barrelesque at Rock in Opposition, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a mash-up of various dance styles, Pilates and yoga. It includes barre techniques, but it also spices things up with burlesque-style dance movements. Open to all levels, this class provides a dynamic workout in a playful environment.

Games at My House Fitness® in Winter Springs, Florida, is a school recess–inspired experience for adults. This weekly opportunity helps grown-ups remember what it’s like to be a kid through team-building, high-intensity workout challenges. The games incorporate equipment such as jump ropes, kettlebells, speed ladders and dumbbells.

In Evolution 50 at Evolution ByCycle in East Brunswick, New Jersey, participants are guided through both high-intensity intervals and endurance training for a well-rounded workout. Participants view their stats in live time, and the entire class’s stats are posted on a scoreboard so riders get an idea of how they’re performing comparatively. In order to avoid any embarrassment, the scores are anonymous.

EnhanceFitness, provided by Area 9 Agency on Aging at senior community centers in five counties in southeastern Indiana, is a fitness program created specifically for older adults. The program is a social event but also helps to increase flexibility, balance and strength—all major factors in fall prevention. It is appropriate for all levels—from the "near frail" to more active participants—making it more attractive to seniors who are newer to physical activity.

Thai Sword Fighting at Warrior Academy in Hong Kong gives participants the opportunity to learn an ancient art in a holistic sanctuary. The class combines martial arts, fitness and whole-body wellness. The class is similar to the Brazilian martial art, capoeira, but includes wooden swords.

Hot Hula® fitness with the Utah County Girls in Utah is based on traditional hula dancing. To enhance the festive environment, participants adorn themselves in brightly colored workout clothes and tropical prints. The workout is inspired by Polynesian island dances, with some reggae and pop mixed in. The basic movements are relatively simple and low impact, so even the most novice dancer catches on with ease.

GravityFit at DefyGravity in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a high-intensity trampoline workout that provides a total-body experience. This high-energy cardio class builds endurance while strengthening muscles. Participants enjoy many benefits from "rebounding," a touted element of trampoline fitness.