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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Mountain Fitness: Guide Training, offered by Discover Outdoors in New York City, is specifically designed to train the outdoor adventurer. The company’s philosophy is that form and fitness should follow function. Mountain Fitness: Guide Training uses rocks, logs and outdoor equipment to give participants a 90-minute, nontraditional workout.

The University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, provides its students with an hour-long class that takes advantage of the versatile stability ball. Bounce combines core conditioning, strengthening and cardio in a full-body workout using stability balls.

Zumba® Sentao™ incorporates a chair as a dance partner. This class, offered at Spark Fitness in Evergreen, Colorado, is a traditional Zumba class with a new aspect—the chair—which participants use as support, a step or a bench for extra strengthening and cardio.

The Hunger Games Workout Challenge, offered at Ohio State University in Columbus, brings motion picture–inspired training to participants. The class is broken into groups that compete against each other as “districts”; that race through tasks, including squat jumps, mountain climbers and bear crawls; and that overcome obstacles. Participants also get a 1-hour archery lesson as part of the class.

Park Center Health & Fitness in Glenview, Illinois, offers classes such as Killer Bs and Playstations. The former is a 60-minute class in which all equipment and body parts start with a B, including BOSU® Balance Trainers, balls, bands, barbells, boxing and more. The latter is a circuit workout that combines strengthening and cardio using kettlebells, agility ladders, medicine balls, weights, ropes and participants’ body weight.

Aqua Arthritis at the Healthplex® Sports Club in Springfield, Pennsylvania, incorporates stretching and underwater movements to help with strength and flexibility. This class helps participants with their coordination, balance and overall mobility, according to the online class description.

Brick Bodies in Reisterstown, Maryland, has Young At Heart™ on its schedule. A class for “anyone of any age,” it combines low-impact and strengthening moves.

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