20/20 FUNKtion in Wethersfield, Connecticut, combines two unique workouts into one 40-minute class. Participants choose classes such as Kickin’ Core, a combination of kickboxing and an abdominal workout, and Gentle Grace, a class that merges low-impact aerobics, flexibility, balance and stability exercises for a full-body workout.

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp in New York City gets resourceful and uses the actual bridge as a piece of equipment. Participants do a 1-hour, high-intensity, full-body workout that uses body weight, resistance bands and the surroundings. Exercisers enjoy a panoramic view of the city while they test their limits.

The Harbor Square Athletic Club in Edmonds, Washington, offers Pilates Mat With Stretch-eze™. This class incorporates the fundamentals of Pilates and adds a “full-bodied fitness band” to help participants increase their range of motion, flexibility and muscle elasticity.

The AS ONE Program in New York City claims to increase overall fitness by giving participants a way to “push themselves in a safe, fun and [healthfully] competitive way,” according to the online class description. The AS ONE Program combines a warm-up, interval training with specially designed equipment, cardio, “finishers,” myofascial release and stretching into a 65-minute group class.

Pound™, offered by the Meraki Barre studio in Costa Mesa, California, combines “resistance training, isometric movement, fat-burning cardio, agility mastery, proprioceptive acuity, symmetry restoration and balance,” according to the online description. The class also teaches participants to have a heightened awareness of where their bodies are in space.

Exercisers get primal with the Caveman Workout at i.d. gym in Chicago. This class incorporates tires, sledge hammers, heavy ropes and kettlebells into a high-intensity strength training workout.

In Burbank, California, dog owners get the benefit of a workout and obedience training with their furry friends. Thank Dog!® Bootcamp was created by two women who wanted to stay fit but didn’t want to leave their dogs behind. Now owners and their dogs get cardiovascular exercise, strength training and obedience lessons at the same time.

Aqua Fiesta, at Fairfax County Park Authority in Virginia, takes dance moves to the pool. Participants get the benefits of a high-energy workout while dancing the rumba, samba, merengue and salsa. The website recommends aquatic exercise because it “provides a great workout while putting minimal stress on the body.”

YOGA for ATHLETES® at YAS Fitness Center in Venice, California, integrates movement, strength and breath work to challenge participants and help them improve their balance, flexibility, power and stamina for improved performance and faster recovery, according to their online class description.

The S.T.A.R. Treatment at Crunch® gym in Miami, combines indoor cycling, strength training, an ab workout, and relaxation with stretching and yoga.