Fit Girl Studio™ in Evanston, Illinois, offers a variety of yoga and dance classes, and some options feature both. Dance Party Yoga (DPY!) combines yoga and dance in order to appeal to a larger audience. DPY! offers all the benefits of yoga, including strength and flexibility, while also providing cardio, and is “not for the faint of heart,” according to the class description.

Dancers are drawn to the fusion stylings of Booiaka™. This dance exercise class, offered on the Fun and Fit Exercise Classes website, is a “freestyle dance class… [that] fuses dance styles into one fantastic workout,” the class description explains.

The Sweat Spot LA gym in Los Angeles offers Gotta Body, which warms up participants with “old-school aerobics,” Jazzercise® and yoga, followed by high-energy exercises that get participants in the training zone. This workout helps all levels get in touch with their bodies while developing coordination.

Lucille Roberts® Womens Fitness offers a total-body class designed especially for women. Mega Mix Workout, featured at locations on the East Coast, showcases a variety of exercise principles described as “a harmony of opposites,” according to the online class description. The class combines cardio, kickboxing, stepping, jump-roping and strength training to “deliver effective fat-burning exercises for women’s bodies to achieve total-body fitness.”

Recsports at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, offers many unique classes, including Muscle Confusion and Total Body Adventure. The first class combines plyometric drills, strength intervals, power, resistance and core training moves. The second class, which takes place both in the studio and in the great outdoors, targets major muscle groups with equipment, body weight and bursts of cardio.

Fight Club® America in Miami offers boxing, kickboxing and martial arts to its patrons. The boxing club “promotes a holistic approach to health,” according to its website. Of many classes offered, Fight Camp puts participants to the test with “one hour of military style intense circuit and interval training.”

Flywheel Stadium Cycling™ in New York City offers Flywheel cycling classes designed by Ruth Zukerman. The class takes place on custom engineered bikes in a studio with stadium seating where participants “ride as hard as [they] dare,” according to the website. Riders who thrive on competition love the “torqboard” that flashes statistics throughout class.