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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Weight Training With Yoga Principles is offered by the Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Skaneateles, New York. This “personal training experience” combines the benefits of yoga and weight training, according to IDEA member Maggie Thomson, who is the health and wellness coordinator. Thomson says the class combines yoga concepts such as guided imagery, breathing, concentration and awareness with strength training equipment and free weights to create “structurally sound posture.”

Cycle-Run-Sweat offers the best of both worlds—fast-paced cycling mixed with indoor and outdoor running, according to the online schedule at Michigan State University Recreational Sports and Fitness Services, in Lansing. This cross-training class begins and ends in the cycling studio and is “great for triathletes who want to ramp up their stamina.”

Kata is a 1-hour, all-levels class that includes a sequence of movements that “stimulate the mind and muscles,” according to the online description posted by Bailey’s Powerhouse Gym in Jacksonville, Florida. Kata’s benefits are touted as being similar to what one might expect from yoga or Pilates but with a focus on martial art forms.

Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas, offers an early-morning kick-start with F3 Boot Camp. The online description states that this class will “challenge all areas of your well-being and push you to the limit as it helps you better yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Smart Moves is on the schedule at Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center in Manassas, Virginia. Developed for the “55 and older population and younger participants who need the benefit of something less strenuous,” this well-rounded class offers cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and flexibility.

Aqua @ Both Ends utilizes either the shallow end or the deep end of the pool and “trains and blends excitement and fun with directional changes and multidimensional movement while working your heart, toning your muscles and strengthening your core,” according to the online description at the Carnegie Mellon athletics department in Pittsburgh. No swimming skills are required.

The Telos Fitness Center in Dallas has a few inspiring classes on its schedule, among them Hype! and Matrix. The former is a performance and conditioning class that is meant to push limits in “heart-pounding, sweat-focused, body-transforming” ways. The latter focuses on the inner athlete and incorporates drills and principles “used by world-class athletes,” including teamwork, competition and camaraderie.

Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, is committed to making fitness a family affair with Family Fitness Time. This class helps make getting more physical activity and exercise “a family project.” The focus is on teaching parents and kids games they can play together later, on their own time.

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