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Creative Ideas That Inspire

At Tri-Lakes Fitness Center in Monument, Colorado, participants thrive in Yo-Bata. This class adventurously combines tabata training, power yoga moves, and cardio and strength training. To make it even more interesting and engaging, participants use bands, bars, weights, steps and sliding discs during this fast-paced, multifaceted class.

Participants of all ages and abilities get motivated in Cardio Core Motion offered at The Studio in Danville, California. The class requires attendees to hold a weighted ball while performing numerous cardiovascular and sport-conditioning moves. This nonimpact class helps people improve their balance as well as their muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Fitness enthusiasts who work out at New York Health & Racquet Club™ in New York City choose from several heart-rate-elevating options, including Kangoo and High Kicks. The former class incorporates Kangoo Jumps rebounding shoes into high-intensity interval training for an increased cardio challenge. The latter combines dance and kick moves inspired by the Rockettes.

Piloxing, offered at Green Ridge Recreation Center in Roanoke, Virginia, combines Pilates and boxing. This interval class blends power, speed, agility, sculpting and flexibility into a powerful hour. Participants also have the option to add weighted gloves when ready to progress.

Members at PNT Fitness in Long Island City, New York, don’t need to leave class early to go to happy hour. That’s because members indulge in complimentary wine after an intense workout aptly entitled Workout & Wine. This boot camp–style class combines circuits, cardiovascular choreography and weight training. The cool-down and stretch are followed by an optional toast.

Stick Force and Urban Strolling are on the schedule at Urban Active™ Fitness in Charlotte, North Carolina. The former is a cardio class inspired by Irish stick fighting. Participants use a 2-foot stick while moving through core movements. The latter class is for stroller-pushing mothers who want company for workouts in local parks.

Guns is a 30-minute workout that hones in on biceps and triceps at David Barton Gym in Chicago. Also offered is LAB (Lactic Acid Breakthrough), which explores interval training with a focus on muscular endurance.

Where do you go if you want to tap into all three energy systems? Try Metcon3, offered at Equinox in Irvine, California. This full-body, high-intensity metabolic conditioning class increases the efficiency of the metabolic system while improving cardiovascular fitness, according to the facility.

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