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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Students go on an intense ride in Tabata Trek Spin, offered by the Boston College Flynn Recreation Complex in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. This class “combines intense intervals of work with intervals of rest that challenge every cell in your body,” according to the online description. Participants are encouraged to push to their absolute maximum, which is followed by a “complete rest for a metabolizing boost to your system.”

Members at the Staunton-Augusta YMCA in Staunton, Virginia, started off 2012 right with Happy New Rear! This class, offered only in January, is a special muscle-conditioning class that focuses on the glutes. Also on the schedule is Step Abspress, which is for stepaholics who want an extended cardiovascular workout with more challenging choreographed combinations. The 40-minute routine is followed by approximately 10 minutes of abdominal and low-back work before the final stretch.

Fitness Formula Clubs in the Chicago area feature many creative options for members. Andaza invites all levels to “move to the vibrant rhythms of Latin-Brazilian music and get an unforgettable dance workout.” If this class doesn’t whet the dance appetite, try Carnivale, which “sizzles with rhythmic pulsations” and promises to “get your heart pumping with the sights, sounds and moves from the street parties of Rio de Janeiro.”

IDEA member Judi Bannister, owner of Fast and Fit Personal Training Studio for Women in Grass Valley, California, came up with the idea of Super Circuit after some tough lessons learned in a weak economy. Bannister changed her open format a bit to include a regularly scheduled 30-minute class utilizing the PACE equipment in her studio. “We incorporate traditional aerobics moves, dance, toning, strengthening, stretching—and just plain crazy moves—between each piece of equipment,” Bannister says. “What surprised us was that the women loved it, and from day one the classes have been well attended.”

Windup, a class created by Leislene Hendrickson and offered by the New York Health & Racquet Club in New York City, is a 45-minute hula dance hybrid that focuses on hooping skills while teaching students how to move fluidly.

SOS Boot Camp is a boot camp class for “fuller figured ladies.” Created by Vicki Tri, owner of Fit w/Vic in Oklahoma City, the class includes 20 minutes of nutrition discussion and 40 minutes of exercise three times per week. “We share ideas, food journaling, recipes and encouragement,” says Tri. “I modify exercises and give alternatives for those with physical limitations.” n

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