Mindful movement practices like yoga and Pilates allow you to incorporate flexibility, core work and body awareness into your current client programming. Core yoga is a practice that blends the precision, control and core-strengthening benefits of Pilates with the mindful and meditative benefits of yoga.

Try this core yoga slow-flow sequence and share it with your clients!

Pick Up

Yoga Trinity Pick Up Pose

From a hands and knees position, exhale and compress your belly without changing the shape of your spine, then lift your knees off the ground just a few inches. Hold for three to five breaths.

  • Regression: Roll up the mat under the base of your hands if you have wrist discomfort.
  • Progression: Straighten and then bend your knees a few times for dynamic stabilization.

Down Dog

Yoga Trinity Down Dog Yoga Pose

From Pick Up, on an exhale, slowly send your hips back to your heels without losing your neutral spine position, then press your legs straight, sending your hips up and back, creating a long line from tailbone to wrists. Hold for three to five breaths.

  • Regression: Maintain a bend in your knees if your back tends toward rounding.
  • Progression: Press your legs straight with your heels toward the ground.


Yoga Trinity Plank Yoga Pose

From Down Dog, inhale and rock forward into a plank, shoulders over wrists, heels over toes, a long line through your body. Maintain your neutral spine while you push the ground away through all 10 fingers.

  • Regression: Bring your knees to the ground.
  • Progression: Hold for three to five breaths.

Half Push-Up

Yoga Trinity Half Push Up Yoga Pose

On an exhale, rock forward to lower halfway down. Hug your elbows slightly toward your sides. Keep your shoulders slightly above your elbows. Try to maintain your neutral spine.

  • Regression: Bring your knees to the ground.
  • Progression: Hold for three to five breaths.


Yoga Trinity Cobra Yoga Pose

From Half Push-Up, lower all the way onto the ground. Point your toes. Lift your knee caps. Anchor your glutes. Zip your belly. Press into your hands to lift your chest just until your elbows are bent to 90 degrees. Send your shoulders down, draw your chest forward, and lengthen the front and back of your neck.

  • Regression: Baby Cobra. Lift only a few inches off the ground.
  • Progression: Hands-Free Cobra. Lift your hands off the ground.

Down Dog

From Cobra, exhale and press back to Down Dog. Then either bring your knees to the ground and swing your heels to your sides or step/hop to a cross-legged position and come to sitting.


Yoga Trinity Yoga Boat Pose

Sit with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground and hands behind your knees. Exhale. Compress your belly and lean back just off the sit bones with your spine long and take one foot at a time off the ground to bring both legs up with your knees bent and toes at eyebrow height. Hold for three to five breaths.

  • Regression: Keep your feet on the ground. Focus on leaning back and maintaining length in your spine.
  • Progression: Take your hands from behind your knees and extend your arms. For more intensity, extend your legs.

After Boat Pose, swing your heels to your side or roll over crossed ankles and return to Pick Up.

Repeat this sequence three to five times.

Interested in learning more about core yoga? Check out this online course and access 20-plus free yoga sequences on Yogatrinity.com.

Heather Agnew

Heather Agnew is an internationally recognized E-RYT Senior Yoga Educator and Master Level fitness, yoga, and lifestyle professional with over 25 years of professional experience in fitness and Pilates training, Thai yoga massage, and many traditional and modern yoga styles. An enthusiastic and motivating instructor, Heather aims to promote a more conscious and fulfilling lifestyle through mind-body movement. Heather operates Yoga Trinity, an internationally recognized yoga teacher training school with certificate and post-graduate programs in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Core Yoga, Meditation, and Thai Yoga Massage. As a senior instructor Heather has taught over 15,000 hours of teacher training, and trained over 1,000 mind-body-movement instructors over the past 13 years. Now sharing her time between Canada and Australia, Heather looks forward to continuing to develop and deliver comprehensive and inspiring yoga-based education programs in both face-to-face trainings and post-graduate online education program

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