IDEA member Nancy Trock, director of
T-Renegade Fitness in Oak Park, Illinois,
created Stress Busters Experience. The offering
enables her to share her academy
martial arts training with women who
might not otherwise have the opportunity
to get to know their “inner warriors.”
The class warms up with basic calisthenics
and Pilates mat work to challenge and
prepare the entire body for a fusion of
skill-based, body-mind activities and
experiences. The women learn how to
“raise the voice” and practice street-smart
self-defense moves in a safe, focused,
stress-blasting series (no sparring). After
the workout, participants cool down and
unwind with a 10- to 15-minute guided

The HoopGirl Workout provides instruction
in the principles and spiraling
movements of hoopdance—a form of
dance fitness using adult-sized hoops.
Creator Christabel Zamor says the class
is designed to help students feel good
about getting physically fit, creative, connected,
happy and positive. “Students
learn the art of dancing with hoops, how
to energize movement with emotions
and imagery and how to perform athletic
moves,” Zamor says. “We also learn the
art of performance as ‘transformance.’
Students leave smiling, sweaty, sensually
empowered and energized.”

The Sports Club/LA San Francisco
offers Diva Las Vegas, a 6-week program
that weaves the techniques and skills of
burlesque and cabaret performance into
a fun cardiovascular-based training. The
program ends with an invitation-only

Tatjana McAlister came up with Fit
and Fun
as a way to encourage member
retention. This 90-minute class includes
cardiovascular, resistance, balance and
flexibility elements, but the highlight
of the program is its community connection.
“Since our populace is very
community-oriented, I decided to incorporate
a social aspect,”McAlister says.“At
the end of each 8-week session, everyone
is invited to attend breakfast at a local
restaurant. This helps build camaraderie,
and participants feel as if their absence
will be noticed.”

uses a rebounder (mini
trampoline) for a body-mind experience
that—according to its creator, Sylvia
Dreiser Farnsworth—transcends the usual
benefits of low-impact exercise. The class
is designed to help participants improve
proprioception, balance and coordination,
and incorporates breath and awareness
of how chi moves in the body.