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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Salamander® Resort & Spa in Middleburg, Virginia, takes yoga to the stables. Riders, nonriders and everyone in between can start their morning with the 30-minute Yoga in the Stable class. Led by the resort’s equestrian director and her daughter, who is a yoga instructor, this offering leads participants through a sequence of yoga poses to improve balance, strength, flexibility and posture both on and off the horse.

House Party Fitness© is a 60-minute cardio, hip-hop fusion class offered at La Belle Fit Studio & Spa in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. This session combines dance moves with strength training segments choreographed to the current hottest music. Participants use portable equipment such as bands and medicine balls to focus on upper-body, lower-body and core conditioning.

At Syphus Training™ in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, Syphus class attendees are given 60 minutes to complete a list of tasks posted on a large white board. This high-intensity circuit class uses an indoor football turf–like field and a 25-pound plate to challenge participants’ strength and cardiovascular fitness. At the end of each class, scores are awarded based on how many tasks attendees completed; their scores are then used to track their progress.

PranaBarre™, featured at Community Fitness in Seattle, merges vinyasa-style yoga with traditional barre movements to strengthen participants’ bodies and ease their minds. The fusion concept allows attendees to increase their strength, flexibility and balance through a mix of isolated, flowing movements.

Kettilates™, a 60-minute, two-part class, adds kettlebell exercises to the traditional Pilates format to give attendees an added strength training component. Offered at LifeStyle Wellness, LLC, in Gainesville, Florida, this class begins with a focus on core stability techniques before transitioning into mat Pilates exercises.

At Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii, guests choose from a variety of options, including Hot Hula. During this class, which is inspired by the Pacific Islands, participants receive a full-body workout that strengthens the core while dancing to Polynesian drum beats and reggae and hip-hop music.

At Informed Technique® in San Francisco, members utilize spring resistance to build strength and make workouts more challenging. The Basics fuses ballet moves and Pilates into a 55-minute, full-body workout. This session has simple choreography and does not require experience, according to the online class description.

Spiñoga, offered at the Aspen Athletic Club in Omaha, Nebraska, joins cycling and vinyasa-style yoga to increase attendees’ cardio, strength and flexibility. The two-part class begins with cycling and ends with yoga. Participants are invited to attend the full session or come to either portion of the class.

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