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Personal Trainer Certification

There is much talk about certification, accreditation and licensure in the fitness industry today. Whatever might be said about this trio of topics, a couple of points can be underscored: they inspire passionate discussion among…

Juggling & TrackingYour Fitness Certifications

our fitness director at the club just called with a reminder that one of your primary fitness certifications is about to expire. Somewhere in a pile of papers, you have the renewal notice sent by the certifying board. You meant to track your renewal, but somehow it just got away from you. Now you might be pulled from working with clients unless you hurry to update that primary certification.

Pilates News

The Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA™) intends to offer the first national certification exam for Pilates instructors in August 2005, according to Kevin Bowen, PMA’s chief executive officer and cofounder. Bowen says, “Our goal is to create a professional standard for the industry and give consumers greater protection from incompetence. We are encou…

Navigating Personal Trainer Certifications

Mainstream consumers are starting to embrace personal training, currently one of the leading growth trends in the fitness industry. Once considered within the reach only of celebrities and wealthy socialites, personal fitness trainer (PFT) services are now valued by more people, and more of them are willing to pay. Leading fitness centers throughout the U.S. have thriving personal training programs.

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