Weston Fitness in Philadelphia gets the most out of its equipment stash with Pump Slide Workout. This 30-minute class features high-intensity, low-impact interval slide training combinations with Body Bars, stability balls, light weights and resistance tubing.

Participants get an intense athletic workout with BURN! Med Ball Conditioning at Equinox in New York City. The circuit training class, which was created by Antonio Valladares, uses full- and lower-body exercises and athletic drills to integrate flexibility, balance, strength and cardiovascular elements.

Pure Fitness clubs in Washington and Arizona appeal to members’ need for variety and intensity with Rhythm Kickbox. This challenging workout has a sport-specific warm-up that flows into four to six “self-reversing, linked combinations … inspired by martial arts and western boxing.” The cardiovascular bonanza is followed by a core-strengthening section and a relaxing cool-down stretch.

Students at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have a chance to get wet and get in shape in Aqua®Both Ends. This equipment-based class utilizes both ends of the pool—deep and shallow—and teaches multidirectional changes and movements. The “repeated bouts of exercise with intermittent rest periods” challenges muscles and gives the heart a good workout.

Mettler Center in Champaign, Illinois, offers HEAT (High Endurance Athletic Training), its “trademark class.” This 45- to 60-minute fat-burner is a “no-nonsense, comprehensive approach to exercise.” Instructors mix and match basic athletic strength exercises and sports drills with indoor cycling, walking, circuit training or running. Varying intensity levels accommodate a range of participants.

The schedule at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas, features Triple Mix, which introduces new members to group fitness. This moderate- to high- intensity class is easily modified and is one-third “floor aerobics,” one-third step training and one-third strength conditioning.