Fitness Caching is an outdoor training program wherein participants use a hand-held GPS (global positioning system) receiver to hike, locate and find a “hidden” treasure called a cache. Creator Leigh Crews will lead this class during the IDEA World Fitness Convention® in San Diego, July 8–11.

Dance Fever, offered at the Freeman Family YMCA in Neosho, Missouri, combines a brief “novice” dancer’s warm-up with locomotor skills and creative movement. “Fundamental dance steps remain the same,” says executive director Sue White. “We change themes weekly and incorporate disco, musicals, jazz, bluegrass and clogging.”

All-in-One 90, offered by Inside Out Fitness Inc. in Oxford, Michigan, uses elements from each of the club’s classes. The class is 90 minutes and alternates cardiovascular intervals (kickboxing, sports conditioning drills, etc.) with strength training (free weights, elastic bands, lunges, squats, etc.). The rest of the class is spent doing yoga and Pilates and is topped off with at least 5 minutes of pure relaxation. “This class has a larger following than our kickboxing class, which was the most popular for the longest time,” says owner Maggie Barclay.

Afro-Latin Fusion is a popular dance class at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s student recreation center. “In one class a participant might listen to music from Brazil and Cuba while learning dances from the Middle East and West Africa,” instructor Tiffany Green was quoted as saying in the February 17, 2004, edition of The Daily Tarheel. “The complex rhythms lend themselves to many interpretations. There’s always something new that you can take from each workout.”