Ageless Energy is a specialty program offered for people 55 years and older by Julie Luther at PurEnergy Health & Wellness Services in Greensboro, North Carolina. Luther developed the program with the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. The 50-minute class provides information on balance, nutrition and osteoporosis; explains the components of an exercise program; and teaches at-home exercises for strength and flexibility. “This program has expanded, and [its participants are] becoming our largest growing membership sector,” says Luther. “Most folks who join have never exercised before in their lives. We utilize chairs and stability balls and also do some standing work. They truly love it, and I believe the social aspect is a big part of it.”

Powerocity is a fast-paced cross-
training class offered by the 92nd Street Y in New York City. The class combines cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training components. A typical session might consist of a 10-minute kickboxing warm-up, 20 minutes of indoor cycling, 10 minutes of abdominal work, a catch-and-throw session with a medicine ball and a yoga cool-down. Two instructors teach the class so that students can get personalized attention along with the fun of a group fitness environment.