The 92nd Street Y in New York City offers Spiral Gymnoyoga to its members. The class uses “spiraling circular exercises and deep breathing massage” to warm the muscles and prepare joints for movement. Instructor Peter Knue combines elements of Nadha yoga, dance and the meditative martial arts in an offering for all ages.

S.P.Y. Xpress from New York Health & Racquet Club is a fusion class that offers students 35 minutes of indoor cycling and 35 minutes of Pilates and yoga. According to fitness instructor Kate White, the class is perfect for people who want to “combine several traditional routines in one package.”

In Fitness & In Health, a fitness studio devoted to “women of size” in New York City, offers Pilates Plus to its members. The class is specially designed for larger women. “The primary goal is to help women become less dissociated from their bodies—in particular the abdomen, an area that is often ignored,” says Rochelle Rice, MA, president. “We teach women how to palpate their own bodies in order to become more familiar with bony landmarks and muscle origins
and insertions. This skill increases self-awareness and anchors a foundation for
a mind-body relationship. A plus-size woman feels empowered when she can increase consciousness while strengthening the powerhouse. Knowing she can do the same exercises as in a traditional class helps her build the momentum for a lifelong active lifestyle.”

Tae It Up Cardio is one of 120 group fitness classes at Gainesville Health and Fitness Clubs in Gainesville, Florida. The class incorporates kickboxing, plyometrics, rope jumping, sprinting, agility drills and slide to create a “very athletic format.”