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Gotowebinar list

TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
OHJ Webinar Rehearsal19/5/20212:00pm MDT1 hour
OHJ - Miracle Epoxies: Abatron and its Restoration Inventions Miracle Epoxies: Abatron and its Restoration Inventions

Think your home’s rotting window sills, deteriorating porch columns, or crumbling concrete steps are beyond repair? This webinar will change your mind. In it, we’ll explore some of the many possibilities for architectural restoration using Abatron products for wood, walls, and concrete. Abatron’s easy to use two-part epoxies are VOC free and a worthy staple in any preservationist’s tool kit.

About Our Presenter:
Mary Ellen Polson is Senior Editor for Old House Journal, an association that began in 1996. A
serial collector of old houses — the dates span 1850 to 1969 — she specializes in how-to stories on different aspects of residential restoration. She lives with her husband in a rustic Craftsman built in 1913 in Woodstock, New York.
20/5/20218:00pm EDT1 hour
Hold for Perma-Chink Webinar17/6/20216:00pm MDT1 hour