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dan deuterman
On Jan 15, 2012
I have been training with Thad McLaurin for about 6 months and have already seen great results. I have lost 10 lbs. and I am working on losing another 20 lbs to get to my goal weight. Thad is the 4th trainer I have had over the last 8 years and I have found him to be the most attentive. When you work with Thad you have his undivided attention and he plans your training based on your desires and his expertise. Every workout is different, which keeps training fresh and exciting. I like the fact that we work on lots of different functional workouts, mulit joint exercises and pliometrics. I am so happy to be working with Thad. Dan Deuterman, Greensboro, NC
Rhonda Campbell
On Jan 13, 2012
My husband and I began working with Thad when I decided last year that I wanted to do a half marathon for my 50th birthday. Thad is incredibly patient and always aware of his client's level of ability and interest. My not so lofty goal for my race was to finish. I am not a runner and could not imagine running it. Not only did Thad stick by me in my training he came out and walked that half marathon with me! Now I have the bug and I am in his beginner running group to see about becoming that runner I did not think I could become.
Gordon Stallings
On Jan 07, 2012
You won't go wrong with Thad. I'm 46 and was worried I'd be driven too hard by one of those 'gung ho' type fitness guys. Thad has a really pleasant demeanor that, in the cases I've seen, does a much better job of getting people to or beyond their goals in an educated and fun way. He appeals to folks at all levels of age and all levels of fitness. Runner Dude Fitness really masters motivating folks but not making it seem all that hard. What more could you want?
Tom Meunier
On Jan 05, 2012
I too started a Couch-to-5K plan, and it was going well until I started charting the waters of my first half marathon, a mere 14 weeks out from my first marathon. I wanted to be careful to train honestly to reach my potential, but not train too hard and injure myself. I contacted Thad, and he developed a customized plan for me, and we worked together over the Internet. Thad was able to review my long runs, hard tempo runs, hill workouts, and custom track sessions so I exceeded my goals for my first half marathon, blew away my new personal best on my second half marathon, and finished my first marathon strong. I would recommend Thad to anyone who's looking for an online coach to develop a customized training plan, and to supervise and collaborate.
Lori Cline
On Jan 05, 2012
My "bucket list item" of wanting to run a marathon may not seem monumental to some but it certainly was to this 50 year old, NON-RUNNER, who wanted to experience the thrill of running a big race and wanting to accomplish the goal in only 6 short months! Sound impossible? Not for Thad the Runner Dude! We met and Thad created a viable training program that not only allowed me to reach my goal but did so in a way without injuring myself. You can imagine the questions I had in trying to accomplish such a feat with so little knowledge of how to do it and it didn't matter what time of day or night I emailed Thad, he was always right there with support and the information I needed. He gave me all the tools I needed to turn my crazy goal into a successful reality. If you're thinking of training with Thad go and run with him and his run group on Wednesday nights and you'll see he is able to make running FUN.
Joan M
On Jan 05, 2012
I wanted to improve my running time and endurance so I turned to Thad the "Runner Dude". He put me through a very thorough fitness assessment. He took the time to go over all my results and designed a personalized workout program. Thad is very professional and encouraging. ~ joan m.
Christie Strupe
On Jan 05, 2012
There really isn't enough space provided for me to say how wonderful Thad is! He is everything that you strive to be-hard working, dedicated, motivational, a believer, Inspiring, trusting, and just dang awesome! I had run 6 previous marathons and really wanted to beat my PR of 3:51 for a marathon! I went to Thad with hopes and dreams of breaking this and he devised a plan that was attainable and manageable! The various types of runs that are incorporated weekly into the plan help with endurance, speed, and distance ! I worshiped that plan and gave it my all! Thad was always available for questions, to build spirits back up, and to run with you! I beat the goal he set for me by 7 min and beat my own goal of breaking 3:51 by 3 min -it was a win-win-follow his motto and it works -"Trust, believe, conquer"!!! I can honestly say he's not only is an amazing coach but a wonderful friend!
Mary Michaux
On Jan 05, 2012
I can't say enough about Thad! I took his Beginner's Running Class last year and was amazed at how much I enjoyed it and I give all that credit to Thad. He was very low-key and encouraging and would help me overcome various obstacles along the way. He would always run with the group (no matter how many times he had run already that day!) and constantly worked around everyone's schedule to help. Trying to please about 10 women at the same time is an impossible task but Thad took it in stride (no pun intended!). He is a wonderful motivator and coach and once I overcome a old knee injury, I plan to rejoin him and run again!
On Jan 05, 2012
Best thing about Thad is the variety - just when I think my body is getting used to it and my mind is wandering, there are new exercises. I need to have things to be changed up and he delivers. Very easy to work with - finds the personality that you need on any particular day. Love that he isnt a screaming drill seargant (how to spell that anyway?). Also very flexible with schedule and that helps me since I travel and have a crazy job life.
Lance Fink
On Jan 05, 2012
Thad McLaurin, the Greensboro RunnerDude, is an outstanding running and fitness coach. In 2010, I ran my first marathon. Better said, I completed my first marathon in just under 7 hours. I didn't train properly- I ran when I could and without any guidance. In 2011, I decided to run the same marathon, but with better determination. I found RunnerDude Fitness on the internet and gave Thad a call. He gave me a running program that seemed nearly impossible at first, but as I started getting into it, I saw how things that once seemed impossible are indeed possible. I eventually got my wife enrolled in Thad's half marathon training program. She went from a max distance of a 5K to a half marathon in just a few months, and she beat her goal time by about 15 minutes. I ran that half with her as a training run and went on to beat my previous years time in the marathon by nearly 1h20m!

Thanks Thad!!!

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