Three Clients and 500 Pounds of Lessons: Dramatic Portraits of Sustainable Change (IDEA Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit)

by Lee Jordan, Catherine Wygal and Donald Wygal

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Three "everyday" people—who over a period of many years desperately tried every conceivable diet, training method, product and approach to weight loss—testify to what finally delivered their own sustainable life changes. Gain inspiration from Catherine and Donald Wygal, and Lee Jordan, who, combined, lost half a ton of weight and reclaimed their health after years of failures. Get an honest take from the client side on where and why the traditional fitness and diet models go wrong.

About the Author

Lee Jordan

Lee Jordan IDEA Author/Presenter

After spending much of my life at a healthy weight, I began steadily gaining weight in my 20s. I reached a top weight of 454 pounds, and lived what a “nightmare of a life.” In addition to a myriad of health conditions, I could barely walk and lived tethered to an oxygen tank. After being inspired by my then-friend Beth Jordan, an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, I began my journey to health and fitness by walking 30 seconds every morning down the hallway outside of my apartment. Now over 270 pounds lighter, I am an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach specializing in helping people lose 100-300 pounds and rediscover a life of freedom. My physician endorsed “30 Seconds to Victory” program has inspired multiple people all over the country to change their lives.

Catherine Wygal

Catherine Wygal IDEA Author/Presenter

Donald Wygal

Donald Wygal IDEA Author/Presenter

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  • by Marti Basaca-Murray on Jul 30, 2018

    This was a very moving session for me as I have lost 130 and have kept it off! Thank you for sharing and being real!

  • by Alice Forrest on Jul 09, 2018

    Some pretty depression stats!

  • by Susan Bogardus on Jul 07, 2018

    Loved this....not everyone needs bariatric surgery....exercise really is key

  • by Salpi Srourian on Jul 03, 2018


  • by Ann MacDonald on Jul 03, 2018

    inspiring & eye opening. Honest perspective how a person w/extreme weight challenges preceaves personal trainers, more heart.

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Includes a shipped DVD.

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