Master the Art of Boot Camp Instruction

with SGT Ken's Boot Camp™ Instructor Certification

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An Immersive Certification Experience

Interactive Lessons

Receive a combination of video and live instruction.

Instructor Support

Connect directly with SGT Ken® for questions, feedback and guidance.

Peer Connection

Engage and collaborate with peers through the private Facebook group.

How does a fitness professional affect a large number of people, leverage their time and make more money per hour than a one-on-one training session?

Start A Boot Camp Business!

Are your boot camp and group fitness classes empty?

  • Create a winning formula that attracts and retains clients
  • Learn how to create a strong brand identity
  • Receive proven marketing strategies that get results

Are you struggling to produce and present a unique boot camp class?

  • Learn to keep your classes entertaining, effective and empowering
  • Get immediate insight into designing dependable and diverse lesson plans
  • Be fully trained to effectively motivate and coach your class to gain long-lasting results

Are you interested in increasing your income or starting a new fitness business?

  • Get the tools to help you start your business
  • Discover how to establish and expand your boot camp class
  • Inspire your clients and build rewarding relationships that will last a lifetime

Certificate & Course Details

Keep your classes interesting, engaging and inspiring, so that your clients achieve results and return for years to come.   Each course includes:

  • Access to the online curriculum
  • Live training events hosted by SGT Ken®
  • Peer collaboration and support
  • Direct access to SGT Ken®, who will be reviewing your coursework

Self paced options are available for those who can’t attend live events

Meet SGT Ken® and Stephanie Weichert



SGT Ken is an award-winning international speaker, six-time US Army Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer, Master Resilience Trainer, Counterintelligence Agent and decorated combat veteran. Ken has trained over one million Service Members and civilians through Operation Fit to Fight, and has written over 100 articles for GX®, Backpacker®, Outside®, Health®. Within the fitness industry, Ken has received several awards including the canfitpro 2011 Best New Presenter of the Year, the EMPOWER Fitness 2013 Male Presenter of the Year, the IDEA WORLD 2016 Fitness Instructor of the Year, the EMPOWER Fitness 2017 Inspiration Award of the Year and the  canfitpro 2017 International Presenter of the Year. He has also been featured numerous times on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox news, and continues to serve as a host for the Fit for Duty show on the Pentagon Channel. Most recently, Ken was awarded his tenth Army Commendation Medal for creating the Warrior Fit Camp program for the Tennessee Army National Guard Suicide Prevention Task Force, helping thousands of Armed Service Members turn stress into opportunities through physical and emotional resiliency coaching and leadership training.



Stephanie Weichert is a certified Life and Executive Coach, Strategic Interventionist, published author, speaker, strategic director for START Fitness® and business consultant. She has performed life coaching workshops for the Tennessee Army National Guard Warrior Fit Camp program, the Kentucky Army National Guard Operation Immersion course, Tennessee Army National Guard′s Children Attitude Motivation Program (CAMP), canfitpro and Empower Fitness Conferences. In addition to being a life coach, Stephanie is certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), has a B.A. from San Francisco State University, and an MBA from King University. She has written for,, Foundations, Hooah, Military Spouse and GX®: The National Guard Experience.

SGT Ken’s Mission

Empowering you to be the best fitness boot camp instructor you can be.
 Learn how!

Reviews From SGT Ken’s Boot Camp Certification Alumni

“Your certification program is absolutely amazing! After your presentations today I have an entire new outlook and I am ready to start pursuing a career doing what I love! You are so motivating and really, really made me feel that if I believe and have faith ANYTHING is possible! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

Ashley C.

“I wanted to thank you for such a great course. Those classes really inspired me to improve myself and my business. I can't thank you enough for the inspiration it gave me.”

Andrea S

“Awesome course!!! My leadership skills are taken to an all new level now thanks to SGT Ken! I am super motivated. Thanks for being such a huge motivator and inspiration.”

Kelly G.

“16 years I have been certified and teaching and I still learned so much.  Inspiration, knowledge, power and education is what Sgt. Ken instills. He is one of the best leaders I have come across.”

Trina M.

“Thank you for that amazing class! You brought new ideas to partner skills that I never would have attempted! Thank you again!!! You are an inspiration!!!”

Vikki G.

"I received my Boot Camp Certification. WooHoo!!! Thanks to SGT Ken for challenging our minds and bodies!”

Devon J.

"I learned so many useful tools and ideas to set my business apart and had a great time doing it. I would definitely recommend this course and any course offered by Sgt Ken.”

Robyn B.

"He provides a wealth of hands on practical skills, leadership skills and templates to run challenging but fun, dynamic Boot Camps to keep people motivated and coming back for more.”

Hellena M.

“SGT Ken reminded us the power we hold as instructors to not just help others become more physically fit, but to really CONNECT with other people out there and use exercise as a way of EMPOWERING others to handle mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives too. Thank you SGT Ken for inspiring me to be, not just a better instructor, but a better person as well.”

Kin H.

"The work you and your wife do is inspiring! Thank you for the work you do! As a new trainer in the industry it is wonderful to have such an incredible professional to look up to! Thank you again and I look forward to learning more!”

Katlynne B.

"The tools you have given me in Level 1 boot camp are invaluable! I can't thank you enough! I look forward to experiencing your influence again (it's contagious) and look forward to reporting for another duty in the future!”

Stacey P

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What is open enrollment? 
A: Open enrollment is a 2-week time frame before the first course opens. After the enrollment closes, the group will complete the course together.
Q: When does enrollment open? 
A: Open enrollment begins January 16, 2019 and ends January 31, 2019. You will only be able to purchase the course and join this session if you register during this period.
Q: Can I earn CECs/CEUs? 
A: Yes, the courses qualify for continuing education credits from over 25 agencies.

SGT Ken's Boot Camp™ Instructor Certification
0.8 AASFP, 0.8 ACE, 8.0 ACSM, 0.8 ACTION, 8.0 AFAA, 8.0 AFPA, 8.0 CHEK, 8.0 CI, 8.0 IFPA, 8.0 ISSA, 0.8 ISTA, 0.8 NAFC, 0.8 NASM, 4.0 NCSF, 0.8 NESTA, 8.0 NETA, 1.75 NFPT, 8.0 NSPA, 8.0 PAI, 8.0 PTAG, 8.0 PTIA, 8.0 REPs UAE and 8.0 W.I.T.S.

SGT Ken® and Stephanie's Fitness Business Basics™
0.8 AASFP, 0.8 ACE, 8.0 ACSM, 0.8 ACTION, 8.0 AFAA, 8.0 AFPA, 8.0 CHEK, 8.0 CI, 8.0 IFPA, 8.0 ISSA, 0.8 ISTA, 0.8 NAFC, 0.8 NASM, 4.0 NCSF, 0.8 NESTA, 8.0 NETA, 1.75 NFPT, 0.8 NSCA, 8.0 NSPA, 8.0 PAI, 8.0 PTAG, 8.0 PTIA, 8.0 REPs UAE and 8.0 W.I.T.S.

SGT Ken's Boot Camp™ Business Starter Kit
1.6 AASFP, 1.6 ACE, 16.0 ACSM, 1.6 ACTION, 16.0 AFAA, 16.0 AFPA, 16.0 CHEK, 16.0 CI, 16.0 IFPA, 16.0 ISSA, 1.6 ISTA, 1.6 NAFC, 1.6 NASM, 8.0 NCSF, 1.6 NESTA, 16.0 NETA, 3.5 NFPT, 0.8 NSCA, 16.0 NSPA, 16.0 PAI, 16.0 PTAG, 16.0 PTIA, 16.0 REPs UAE and 16.0 W.I.T.S.

Q: When do the courses begin? 
A. The start dates for the courses are listed below. You will have access to all the content in the course on the dates indicated below, any live component (such as live Webinars) will be recorded and added to your online course once the live event has passed.
Q. How much time should I set aside each week for the course?  
A. It should take about 1-2 hours a week. If you follow our suggested pacing guide, SGT Ken's Boot Camp™ Instructor Certification is a 5-week program, SGT Ken® and Stephanie's Fitness Business Basics™ is a 4-week program and SGT Ken's Boot Camp™ Business Starter Kit is an 8-week program.
Q: What if I cannot keep up with the class?  
A: No problem! You can work at your own pace, so feel free to experience this on a timeline that works best for you. The material is yours to keep so it will not expire. We recommend you stay with the group to get the most out of the live lessons, instructor support and peer community.
Q: Do you offer a payment plan?  
A: Yes, we offer a payment plan. Please see the "Payment Plan" tab for more details.

Choose the course that's right for you


SGT Ken's Boot Camp Instructor Certification

  • Planning and Executing Functional Fitness Programs
  • Creating Courses in Indoor and Outdoor Environments
  • Circuit Fitness Training
  • Military-Style Obstacle Courses
  • Partner-Assisted Exercises
  • Resiliency Training Techniques
  • Fitness Tests and Individual Tracking Techniques

Earn up to 0.8 CECs (view agencies)

$350 $300

Starts Feb 1

Additional Giveaways

  • Circuit Training Templates
  • Fixed Circuit Training Lesson Plans
  • Free-Style Circuit Training Lesson Plans
  • Static Action Sports Lesson Plan
  • 15 Day APFT Calendar by SGT Ken®
  • Participant Daily Exercise Log

SGT Ken® and Stephanie’s Fitness Business Basics  

  • How to Run and Grow a Fitness Business
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Brand Development
  • Effective Promotional Tools
  • How to Develop Superior Customer Service
  • Connection, Rapport and Relationship Building
  • Fitness Business Law

Earn up to 0.8 CECs (view agencies)

$350 $300

Starts March 1

Additional Giveaways

  • Sample PAR-Q Questions
  • Sample Contracts
  • Sample Emails
  • Sample Social Posts
  • Sample Waiver
  • Sample Doctors Release
  • Sample (Contractor) Job Description

SGT Ken's Boot Camp Business Starter Kit Bundle

SGT Ken's Boot Camp Instructor Certification

SGT Ken® and Stephanie's Fitness Business Basics

SGT Ken’s Boot Camp™:
The Art of Vocal Fitness™
($29 Value)

Earn up to 1.6 CECs (view agencies)

$490 $420

Starts Feb 1

Includes the giveaways from both the SGT Ken's Boot Camp™ Instructor Certification and SGT Ken® and Stephanie's Fitness Business Basics™.