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Heart Rate Variability—The Science of Recovery Based Training

by Mike Bracko, EdD


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Heart rate variability (HRV) training is based on the science of recovery, preventing overtraining, and how stress affects our clients' ability to train. It accounts for all kinds of stress and monitors the day to day fluctuations in heart rate and intensity. We'll discuss the research behind HRV, the practical application of the training, and the best apps to use; then we'll put it to the test by performing a unique HRV training program using minimal equipment. See how you can use HRV training to gain maximum benefit from each workout. 494 Become a World Class Coach—Top Seven Must Do's to Create Success and Significance WSTodd Durkin, MAAll trainers want to be ultra successful. They want to maximize their impact in their studio/club and their communities, and scale their message beyond. There are some universal must do's if you want to achieve ultimate success and significance. In this session, world renowned coach Todd Durkin reveals details of the seven things you MUST do to be a great coach. In addition, he will share exactly how he created multiple coaching models over the past 10 years, including what works, what doesn't, how he manages and delivers these programs, and the essential tools and resources needed to operate a successful coaching program or business. This inspirational program will have your head spinning with ideas you can implement right away!

About the Author

Mike Bracko, EdD

Mike Bracko, EdD IDEA Author/Presenter

My passion is working with hockey players to improve their skating performance. I do this with on-ice and off-ice training. I work with male and female players 8 yrs old to pro players. Another passion of mine is presenting at fitness shows. In particular IDEA shows - IDEA World and IDEA PT East & West. IDEA is a remarkable organization lead by two remarkable people - Peter and Kathie Davis. I love playing ice hockey, x-c-skiing, mt biking, and being in the mountains. Also love all water sports especially surfing and body boarding. Also one of my favorite things to do is taking my dog, Bailey (Black Lab) for trail runs, swimming, and just walking.

8 Reviews

3.7 out of 5 Stars

  • by Joseph Morgan on Jul 18, 2016

    Totally enlightening. However, most of us required more clarification on what HR variability training really is.

  • by Denton Jones on Jul 18, 2016

    We could have skipped the workouts and focused more on the science. Presenter seemed unable to answer the audience's questions.

  • by Broni McSweeney on Jul 17, 2016

    Good- took too many questions, could have talked thru practical & talked about potential application

  • by Alex Garland on Jul 17, 2016

    Very good session with some decent takeaways. He's a very animated and engaging speaker.

  • by yasuko shiga on Jul 17, 2016

    I didn't get that at all.

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Includes a shipped DVD.

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