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by Peter Davis, CEO and Kathie Davis on Jun 21, 2016


In a world of memes, it may sound cliché to say that a person’s career is not a destination, but a journey. In truth, for most of us a career path is a combination of destination and journey. The majority of us approach the odyssey with an intention or endpoint in mind. Whether it’s achieving a certain stature (VP of programming for XYZ Fitness) or gaining a level of proficiency (earn my XYZ certification), the target is what drives and shapes the course.

Everyone reading this is at a different stage on his or her career path. Some of you may be just starting out; others may be transitioning into something new, like becoming a health coach or opening your own studio; still others have amassed vast experience over many years and may be leading and mentoring young fitness professionals. Whatever you are focused on at the moment, we feel there is great information in this annual Fitness Industry and Careers Issue to feed your imagination and your intellect on your career adventure.

Whether you are reading this at home or perusing it between sessions in Los Angeles at the IDEA® World Convention, the “Super Bowl” of fitness, we hope you gain valuable insights from the strong lineup of features you’re about to read.

Here’s a quick preview of the articles.

Set Your Career on Fire!

What is the secret to learning from your biggest mistakes and turning them into your biggest wins? These highlights from an expert panel presented at IDEA Personal Trainer Institute offer insider information that will enlighten and empower readers. Panelists include Shannon Fable, Brent Gallagher, Trina Gray (moderator), Brett Klika and Ashley Selman, MA.

The People Behind the Champions

When it comes to tales of The Games, the limelight goes to the extraordinary athletes vying for the title “Olympian.” But what about the coaches and trainers who work diligently to help these competitors realize their dreams? We pull back the curtain to offer you an insider glimpse into what it’s like to support the world’s best athletes.

Tech Disruption and the Fitness Industry

Fitness trend reports typically focus on small changes, year over year. It’s important also to look at the big picture and think deeply about potential industry disruption and how to prepare for it. Disruption will eventually hit the fitness industry just as it has hit taxi services, Blockbuster stores, music, communications, travel agencies, banking, newspapers, hotels (Airbnb) and so on. Everything is pointing to online, and specifically, mobile. This article explores how tech disruption could affect the fitness industry.

CEC Feature: Marketing to Older Adults: Finding the Right Message

Many millions of people are turning 50. They’re entering the active-aging market with needs and desires that will shape the industry, starting now. With a massive market of people aged 50–100 and beyond, fitness professionals have a major business opportunity.

Get ideas for serving—and prospering from—this powerful market.

CEC Feature: It’s Time to End the Stigma of Obesity

Weight bias—“the social devaluation and denigration of people perceived to carry excess weight”—may be the last major socially accepted stigmatization that is negatively impacting millions of people. Despite the fitness industry’s best intentions, few experiences feel more stigmatizing to many people with obesity than walking into a fitness center. Creating a welcoming and accepting fitness environment regardless of body size is essential.

CEC Feature: What Is Mindset Training?

The study of mindsets is aiding our scientific understanding of how beliefs influence behavior. Why is this relevant for fitness professionals? Even pros proficient in fitness assessment, program design and exercise instruction may not succeed in helping every client achieve his or her goals. Learning about mindsets could be a crucial key to facilitating successful behavior change.

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Co-founders of IDEA

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