Yes, You Can Make More Money

by: Aja Davis


Premium programs are key to raising your personal training rates.

Imagine earning $2,000–$5,000-plus for programs lasting 30, 60 or 90-plus days. You, too, can command these rates—if you offer premium programs that deliver exceptional results.

To land premium rates, you first have to take a hard look at your current pricing. Many trainers set prices by checking out what the fitness facility down the street or across town is charging and pricing their services lower. That’s a dangerous game: When you compete by undercutting your competition on price, you’ll lose out every time a cheaper alternative comes around.

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IDEA Fit Business Success, Volume 3, Issue 1

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About the Author

Aja Davis

Aja Davis IDEA Author/Presenter

Aja Davis is passionate about helping fitness professionals create greater impact and higher incomes. As a former fitness studio owner, she sold her studio and now coaches other fitness professionals on the systems and mindset necessary for creating high value, premium programs in their facilities. To get in touch or find out more about her programs please visit