Women: You Can’t Live Without ’Em

by Peter Davis, CEO and Kathie Davis on Nov 05, 2012


It’s likely true that without women customers supporting it, the fitness industry would fail dismally. From our own 2011 IDEA Reader Survey, we know that your client base is predominantly women aged 35–55. It therefore makes great sense to educate yourself about the types of challenges females face in various life stages.

We have dedicated the bulk of this issue’s content to the women you serve. Two excellent features—including a special feature focused on perimenopause and exercise—tackle the many confusing (and often conflicting) research studies on women’s health. We hope you find the material stimulating and informative.

Personal Trainer Institute™ (PTI): Where East Meets West!

What makes a powerful training session? One word: results. When your clients can see and feel the impact of your work, you’ve achieved your purpose. That’s what this year’s two PTI fitness conferences (yes—two!) are all about: powerful, purposeful, client-focused training that builds client success and thereby builds your success.

This year you have two opportunities to attend, so choose whichever city and time frame suits your schedule better. We invite you to join us in Alexandria, Virginia, February 28–March 3, for PTI-East or to attend our debut PTI-West show in Seattle, May 2–5.

The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute brings together a limited number of personal trainers with world-class presenters for an intense, interactive experience unlike any other in the industry. We hope you’ll be there to explore exciting new ways to Inspire the World to Fitness®, one client at a time. PTI-East has sold out every year for the past five, so make sure you register early to secure your spot.

New Holiday Behavioral Resource

A bonus print editorial supplement of IDEA Food & Nutrition Tips was mailed to you with your magazine this month. If you haven’t seen the digital edition of this bimonthly publication that launched in January, please be sure to review this special issue and then opt in for free at www.ideafit.com/ifnsignup.

We are excited to put this piece in your toolbox with the aim of getting clients on the right track before the holidays derail them. Clients usually wait until the beginning of January to focus their energy on goals for the new year, but by then, a lot of damage has often been done through holiday binging and lack of exercise. Get ahead of this challenge by helping clients establish good habits before they get woefully off track. The newsletter is full of great strategies, behavioral science and even healthy holiday-inspired recipes.

We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season, and we look forward to a bright 2013 with you!

Yours in good health,
Kathie & Peter Davis

Fitness Journal, Volume 9, Issue 11

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About the Authors

Peter Davis, CEO

Peter Davis, CEO IDEA Author/Presenter

Peter Davis is co-founder of IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

Kathie Davis

Kathie Davis IDEA Author/Presenter

Kathie Davis is co-founder of IDEA Health & Fitness Association in San Diego.