Taking Action to Serve America’s Military Families

by Peter Davis, CEO and Kathie Davis on Feb 01, 2012


We probably all know an individual or a family with a loved one who serves or has served in our country’s armed forces. Some of you even have lived or are living the life first-hand. Soldiers are deployed to uncertain circumstances, while their families continue with life at home—counting the days until their soldiers return. Soldiers and their families sacrifice much and ask little.

In a national initiative called Joining Forces, IDEA and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) have teamed up with other certification agencies, trainers and fitness professionals to help the men and women who daily protect our freedom. Joining Forces is a comprehensive program that provides ways for every American to reconnect with and give back to our service members and their families.

IDEA and ACE are honored to support this important program by providing a way for fitness professionals, businesses and organizations across the country to pledge 1 million fitness service hours to actively deployed military reservists, National Guard members and their immediate families. Our goal is to enrich their quality of life through safe and effective exercise and physical activity. No one is more educated or prepared to do this than you.

We believe that giving back and practicing gratitude are central to a wellness lifestyle. To find out more about how you can pledge hours of your expertise to those in military service or to their families, link to www.ideafit.com/joining-forces/fitness-professionals. Also consider taking a few moments to simply offer your gratitude by writing a letter of thanks to a military family. You can do this by completing the fields at www.whitehouse.gov/joiningforces/message.

2012 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in a few weeks in Alexandria, Virginia, at the Personal Trainer Institute. As of press time, we were on track to sell out this excellent educational fitness conference for the fourth straight year.

With a satisfaction rating of over 98%, the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute delivers the world’s most in-depth, diverse, cutting-edge educational program exclusively for trainers. The 2012 fitness conference features these highlights:

  • 97 educational sessions—20% more than in 2011—covering the newest information on critical research, groundbreaking training techniques, hot new program ideas, professional and business trends, equipment debuts and career-building ideas
  • 50 presenters, representing the top industry names and companies around the globe, with lots of networking opportunities
  • a hands-on, personalized educational setting with no more than 90 participants per session
  • more effective, comprehensive, in-depth training—with most sessions lasting 2–3 hours
  • 3 preconference workshops offering the most advanced specialty training in the industry
  • the chance to earn 20 CECs—more with preconference sessions
  • Friday Night Networking Happy Hour, an occasion for networking with other fitness professionals from around the country

If this fitness event is not on your event checklist this year, add it for next year!

Yours in health,

Kathie & Peter Davis

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Peter Davis, CEO IDEA Author/Presenter

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