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Men and Osteoporosis

“underdiagnosed and underreported” (; retrieved May 21, 2008).Joan Pagano—an IDEA presenter and a personal trainer who specializes in working with people who have osteoporosis—states that &ldquo

Sep 01, 2008

Reminders Appropriate as Osteoporosis Awareness Month Nears

said. She added that strength training is ideal for minimizing the risk of developing the disease. To learn more about osteoporosis and how to avoid it, visit the National Osteoporosis Foundation Web site at

Apr 01, 2003

Men: Exercise During 20s Reduces Osteoporosis Development

Osteoporosis is not a disease typically associated with men; however, the National Osteoporosis Foundation ( estimates that almost 3 million American males aged 50 or older have this potentially dangerous disease. Fortunately, men can cut their future risk of developing osteoporosis

Jun 27, 2012

Working Out Through Menopause

. If you can recognize when and why your symptoms are occurring, you can do something about them. 10. Procure Additional Information. To learn more about menopause, contact the National Osteoporosis Foundation,; the National Women’s Health

Feb 01, 2002

Body Knowledge: Modifying Pilates for Clients With Osteoporosis

-bearing exercise, overexercise, and lumbar bone density over age 50 years. Archives of Internal Medicine, 149 (10), 2325-29.National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF). 2005. Fast facts.; retrieved February 3, 2005.Pilates, J.H., & Miller, W.J. 1945

Jan 11, 2007

Got Calcium?

1 whole 20 Key: IU = International Units. Source: Pennington 1998. SIDEBAR: Additional Resources National Osteoporosis Foundation: (

Oct 01, 2007

Modifying Pilates for Clients With Osteoporosis

. 2003. Health professional’s guide to rehabilitation of the patient with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis International, 14 (Suppl. 2), S1-22. (Includes guidelines for designing safe exercise programs.) National Osteoporosis Foundation, Pilates Method Alliance, www

Oct 28, 2011

Designing a Yoga Program for Active Seniors

Additional Resources The Arthritis Foundation: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: National Osteoporosis Foundation: Leigh Crews

Dec 13, 2006