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Weight Loss: Can Mind-Body Methods Help?

aerobics, strength training and yoga, as well as education on the mind-body benefits of activity. Investigators assessed weight, body mass index, waist

Dec 13, 2013

10 Secrets to Successful Strength Training

you avoid plateaus; prevent injury; and make greater gains in strength, power, muscular size and endurance, and athletic performance. The Right Kinds of Changes – 10 Strength Training Tips A qualified personal

Aug 15, 2008

Fascia: Essentials You Need to Know

of the fascia. Sticking with near-limit loads will strengthen some ligaments but weaken others. Varying the load is the better way. Always Training in the Same Tempo. Likewise, varying the tempo of your training allows different fascial structures to build

Oct 20, 2011

Metabolic Conditioning Games for Clients

-founded health, fitness and performance program should still be on traditional and functional strength training and conditioning methods. An approach that combines these methods with a few competitive games will yield the best overall results and improve

Dec 16, 2009

Heart-Core Circuit

with themselves, and they don’t have to be in sync with others. Heart-Core Circuit focuses on strength and cardiovascular training and alternates open- and closed-kinetic-chain, multijoint resistance exercises with full-body, dynamic, cardio

Jun 23, 2011

Core Training: Medicine Balls Provide New Twist

’ve touched the floor or reached as far down as you can with your L hand, use your core to stand tall in the start position. Rotational Crunch Use this exercise during the strength portion

Apr 25, 2013

Sample Class: “Ladder” Drills for Total-Body Strength

Strength training classes don’t have to adhere to a classic “sets and reps” template. Why not climb your way up and down this fun fitness ladder for a fast

Sep 21, 2018

IDEA Reader's Choice: Fitness Find or Fitness Flop?

Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana Lymphedema and Strength Training Tips It was wonderful to see the article “Strength Training Reduces Lymphedema in Breast Cancer Survivors” [Making News, February 2010]. I would like to add a few

May 18, 2010

Women and Weight Training

female clients’ strength-training ambitions is fundamental to their long-term success. Women and girls enjoy a wealth of benefits from resistance exercise. To name a few

Feb 26, 2019