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Top Twitter® Tips

happenings; many business owners log on to market services and generate profits. “I have found Twitter to be helpful in enhancing my credentials and reputation with fitness consumers,” says Alexandra Williams, MA, IDEA author and co-creator of “They get to know my personality

Oct 05, 2011

Are You in Denial About Your Chronic Pain?

, according to the American Chronic Pain Association, is "pain that continues when it should not," writes author Alexandra Williams, MA. "More than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, and approximately 3%-4.5% of the world's population suffer from neuropathic pain. Data from the Centers

Mar 17, 2015

Fighting the Good Fight

invite you—no, I urge you—to read the feature story “The Wellness Culture: Self-Responsibility at Last,” by Alexandra Williams, MA, starting on page 28. Even after 27 years of IDEA members and like-minded professionals across the country evangelizing prevention

Oct 12, 2009

Exercise Eases Anger in Kids

-worth and lack of purpose.” Check out the following resources to learn more about how to improve kids’ fitness: “Kids in Motion Stay in Motion,” by Alexandra Williams, MA, February 2008 IDEA Fitness Journal “Training Kids and Adolescents

May 27, 2009

Making Solid Connections With Your Boss

. Discuss your intentions with your boss and be prepared to offer insights as to why your request is valid. To learn more about how to become a respected, top-notch employee, check out “Be a Standout Employee,” by Alexandra Williams, MA, June 2008 IDEA Fitness Journal.

Jan 04, 2010

A Five-Alarm Disaster

, most fitness professionals are aware of the issues and challenges of this epidemic, and many are looking for ways to turn the statistics around. But what are the solutions? Several are proposed in the article “Kids in Motion Stay in Motion” (page 38) by Alexandra Williams, MA. A good start

Feb 01, 2008

Foot Type: Choosing Shoes

Want to enjoy a lifetime of exercise? Make sure you wear the shoes that best suit your feet. Shoes are made for all types of feet and actions, and knowing your foot type can aid you in selecting shoes that will help prevent injury. Alexandra Williams, MA, a fitness writer and editor

Sep 01, 2012

Breaking Into Fitness Writing

already from reading my columns. In that sense, writing articles can be a chance to establish yourself as a fitness pro in your area.” Writing is an efficient way to get your name out to a lot of consumers and professionals without buying any ad space, notes Alexandra Williams, MA

Mar 01, 2011

Cert by Selfie

posting about their enthusiasm for fitness is one thing, but Alexandra Williams, MA, draws the line when these fitness fans are appointed as-or present themselves as- exercise experts on social platforms. "I know one very popular blogger whose fitness experience consists of a significant weight loss

Jun 23, 2014

Contributing to the Greater Cause (IDEA's new contributing editor board)

is that such a large percentage of the population will be interested in hands-on training there will not be enough trainers to keep pace!” Alexandra Williams, MA “My fitness career began in 1983 when I was offered a job teaching aerobics in West Berlin

Jan 01, 2007