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Sample Class: Functional Total-Body Blast

by Ashley Artese, MS and Daniel Marshall, MS on Mar 22, 2018

Get participants jumping with a combination of functional fitness movements and plyometric exercises that create an intense and enjoyable interval workout. The functional moves build strength and coordination, while the plyometric drills focus on muscle power and cardiovascular fitness. Together, they provide a total-body conditioning workout.

Goal/emphasis: total-body fitness

Total time: 45–60 minutes

Equipment needed: step with one or two risers, dumbbells and a medicine ball

Music: 132–140 beats per minute

Additional notes: Emphasize safety and technique when jumping onto or over the step. Remind participants to

  • ensure that the step is set up correctly, with risers “locked”;
  • land with the entire foot on the step;
  • adjust the step height according to their preferred intensity and familiarity with the equipment ; and
  • land with soft knees, moving from the balls of the feet to the heels.

Exercise Descriptions

The workout moves are described below:

Up-up, jump down 2× + burpee. Straddle step. Place right foot on step, followed by left foot, then jump both feet off, landing in straddled squat. Perform twice, then place hands on step and perform a burpee. Repeat, alternating lead leg.

Power squat. Jump both feet out into squat position, then back together.

Pushup + renegade row. Start in pushup position, dumbbells in hands, palms facing in. Perform a pushup. As you finish, row with one hand while holding plank with the other. Lower weight and repeat, opposite side.

Step hop over + jump. Place hands on step, body in plank position, legs on one side of step at slight diagonal. Keep arms stationary with slight bend in elbows, and jump both feet over to opposite side. Next, hop forward and “explode” up with a jump. Squat as you land, then place hands on step and jump both legs back to plank. Repeat, other side.

Side raises + front raises. Stand, holding dumbbells at sides. Lift arms in lateral raise. Keeping arms lifted, pull them in front and then lower them down. Lift arms back up in front, open them to the sides, and lower. Repeat.

Jump over step + 180-degree turn. Face step, squat and jump over, landing softly in squat on other side. Immediately jump, then turn 180 degrees to face step and repeat.

Side lunge with medicine ball press. Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, holding medicine ball at chest level. Step R into side lunge. Push off R leg, shift weight L as you lift R knee, and press medicine ball overhead. Repeat. (Sequence will also repeat on opposite side.)

Two hops, two shoots. Do two hops to one side, covering as much distance as possible. Then jump straight up, arms overhead, 2×. Repeat, opposite direction.

Two knee tucks + two jacks. Start with hands on step in pushup position. Hop both knees into chest, then back out 2×. Jump both legs out wide and in, 2×. Repeat cycle.

Quick hops side to side. Start with feet together, arms at sides. Hop quickly from side to side, keeping legs together.

Lunge, three jumps and a switch. Start in lunge position. Perform three jump lunges, same side. On fourth repetition, jump and switch. Repeat.

Medicine ball plank with alternating knees. Start with medicine ball on floor. Place hands on ball and lift up to plank. While holding plank, draw R knee to chest. Step R foot back and repeat, other side. Continue alternating knees.

Single-leg deadlift + jump. Perform single-leg deadlift, then, when you return to starting position, explode up from base leg, jumping and reaching toward ceiling while keeping non-weight-bearing leg lifted.

Warmup (5–8 minutes)

Begin with standard warmup movements to elevate heart rates (boxer shuffle, easy squats and lunges, inchworms, arm circles, etc.).

Work Phase (30–40 minutes)

Perform each round 2×.

Round One

  • Lunge, R foot on step, followed by back-knee lift, 16 reps.
  • Up-up, jump down 2× + burpee (1 minute).
  • Lunge, L foot on step, followed by back-knee lift, 16 reps.
  • Power squat (1 minute).

Round Two

  • Pushup + renegade row, 16 reps.
  • Step hop over + jump (1 minute).
  • Side raises + front raises, 16 reps.
  • Jump over step + 180-degree turn (1 minute).

For rounds 3, 4 and 5, plus a cooldown, please see “Sample Class: Functional-Impact Fun!” in the online IDEA Library or in the February 2018 print edition of Fitness Journal. If you cannot access the full article and would like to, please contact the IDEA Inspired Service Team at 800-999-4332, ext. 7.

IDEA Fit Tips, Volume 16, Issue 4

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