Remarkable Memories From the 2015 IDEA World Fitness Convention™

by Peter Davis, CEO and Kathie Davis on Sep 23, 2015


It’s safe to say that event planning falls squarely in IDEA’s wheelhouse. We have a stellar team that collaborates shoulder to shoulder all year long to ensure we take care of every detail and that attendees enjoy an unparalleled experience. It’s also safe to say that after plotting the course for—and being in the thick of—the IDEA World Fitness Convention for 31 years straight, it’s tough to surprise us. It’s certainly not that we’re jaded, but when you do this for over three decades, impressing us with something new can be a challenge.

We’re delighted to report that this year’s World Fitness Convention dazzled us, the veterans of the veterans, on several levels.

While you can get all of the details and see some fantastic action photos of the event in the IDEA World feature this month, here are some highlights that stood out to us:

  • When we think back to our first convention in 1984 and recall that we had all of 600 attendees—compared with this year’s nearly 12,000—and the size of our inaugural “Expo” was about the size of the IDEA booth this year, it makes us smile and shake our heads.
  • We loved the fact that even though there was a freakish thunderstorm on Saturday in L.A. this year, that day turned out to be the busiest of the entire convention. People felt compelled to be there!
  • We’re proud to call the launch of our first IDEA Success Academy—a sold-out day of intensely focused business information for fitness professionals—a huge success. We are happy to see the surge of interest in business topics and attendees’ desire for mastery. Look for it to be back on the program next year.
  • We’re happy to see the continued popularity of the IDEA Inspiration Medals. There are so many great stories behind those who were chosen as recipients in sessions.
  • We enjoyed the inspirational Opening Ceremonies, which celebrated the 2015 IDEA award honorees and let all attendees get to know these standout leaders up close.
  • We are pleased by the continued focus on the importance of exploring the science, practical application and product knowledge surrounding nutrition. By and large, the industry is achieving a more proactive approach to this critical aspect of the integrative health circle.
  • We were excited to be part of the health, fitness and nutrition blogosphere through the second edition of BlogFest, which was 12% larger than last year.
  • We’re almost speechless about the size and scope of the IDEA World Fitness and Nutrition Expo. Seriously? Wow. It was the largest and most diverse in IDEA’s history.

If you attended the event, what stood out to you? We’d love to hear your impressions. Share them at

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Kathie & Peter Davis

Cofounders of IDEA

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