Praise for IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ East

Apr 20, 2015

Fitness Forum

I have been to several IDEA conferences through the years (having been a member since IDEA’s inception) and I just have to say that I am proud to be apart of the IDEA family. The presenters and content at these conferences are top-notch! I can always count on getting the most up-to- date health and fitness information delivered by extremely qualified instructors.

IDEA’s service has been invaluable to me as a fitness professional. You have continually challenged me to grow, learn and share my passion for fitness with others.

Laura H. Jones
Fitness Buddy Personal Training
Southern Pines, North Carolina

Thank you for all of the effort that is spent on continuing to provide this wonderful opportunity for fitness professionals. The event continues to be a great resource for learning and networking. It has grown in so many ways since my first experience in 1985!

Pat Hagen
Bodies In Motion Personal Training
Okemos, Michigan

Why Go Gluten-Free?

Editor’s note: We recently asked readers if they or their clients were gluten-free and why. Here is one reader’s response:

I have celiac disease, and it is medically necessary for me to be gluten-free. I both appreciate and loathe the on-again, off-again consumer trend for this style of eating.

On one side, the gluten-free trend has generated more food products for those of us who need them, as well as greater awareness of celiac disease. On the flip side, too many people are trying gluten-free products because they think the products will help them lose weight or help them in some other way. These people make light of gluten-free food; they tell waiters they are gluten-free and then eat a non-gluten-free dessert. They flip-flop at will and [make it harder] for those of us with celiac disease.

I also think the medical profession, while making headway on celiac disease, needs to be more accepting of gluten intolerance. Just because it can’t be treated with a pill doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I hope a balance is reached, and those who ridicule gluten-free will realize why many of us need to be gluten-free. We need more education and less following of a fad.

Linda Goldkrantz, MA
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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