Meet an IDEA Team Member: Kelly Nakai

Jun 25, 2019

Get to know our Director of Marketing & Promotions, Kelly Nakai.

You may feel the hummingbirdlike whoosh as she speeds by you in the hallways at IDEA headquarters, but your brain may not always process that the voltage you felt pass by was teammate Kelly Nakai. This woman is calibrated at a higher speed than most people you’ll ever meet, and from Day One of her more than 15 years at IDEA, she has moved with purpose. Driven by her love of our mission to Inspire the World to Fitness®, Kelly. Gets. Stuff. Done!

“From the hard work she puts into making sure all of our event marketing truly represents what we are all about to the countless hours she spends managing and organizing the College Discovery Program, our international representative program and every [piece of] printed material we produce to support our events, she is someone who always goes above and beyond,” says Kellie Kaseburg, senior director of events. “Regardless of the challenge—or whether it is her responsibility or not—Kelly will step up and do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

About Kelly: Did You Know . . . ?

  • Her not-so-hidden talent is bargain shopping.
  • Her junk food guilty pleasure is—CRUNCH!—potato chips.
  • Her favorite health food is a cauliflower-based spread called Skinny Dipz that she buys at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego. (It comes in numerous flavors and ships to all 50 states. Just sayin’.)
  • Her go-to dance move is calypso.

Q&A With Kelly

Kelly Nakai

Q: What is your favorite restorative training style?

A: Walking our dog, Tilly.

Q: What is your favorite fitness gear item?

A: I love my Apple Watch!

Q: What gets you pumped/inspires you in life?

A: My kids (Evan and Emi).

Q: What are two of your bucket list items?

A: To have both of our kids graduate from college. Also, seeing them get married and then having our grandchildren.

Q: If you could be any pro athlete, who would you be?

A: Michael Jordan was an icon. I played basketball growing up.

Q: If you could be any superhero, you would be . . . ?

A: Elastigirl, the mom from The Incredibles.

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