Meet an IDEA Team Member: Joy Keller

May 22, 2019

Get to know our executive editor, Joy Keller.

A former IDEA editor once said that if Joy’s writing and reporting style were likened to a food, it would best be described as peanut butter. Why? Her work is “nutrient-dense,” packing a punch that sustains readers a long time.

“That descriptor was so accurate, I never forgot it,” says editor in chief Sandy Todd Webster. “Every time I read Joy’s work, I can’t help but marvel at how on target that analogy was. She is among the finest editors and hardest workers I’ve ever had the pleasure to call a colleague and a friend.”

Joy’s Impressive History With IDEA

Joy Keller and her cat
  • Joy has been an editor at IDEA for almost 17 years! Over that time, she has been a lead content developer and editor for Fitness Journal and its predecessor, IDEA Health & Fitness Source. Joy has also launched or directed four brands at IDEA. That’s a lot of content!

  • Including the years she served as an editor for the American Council on Exercise in the late 1990s, she has attended and covered 19 IDEA® World Conventions.

Inside Scoop

  • Joy walks the IDEA talk: She is certified by Yoga Alliance®, Schwinn®, Keiser® and PTA Global.
  • Little-known fact: Joy is a healing practitioner.
  • Weirdest thing she ever witnessed in a gym: “A woman wearing 4-inch heels on a stair stepper!”
  • What she loves about her job at IDEA: Getting to know all the trends and research before the general public does.

Q&A With Joy

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Q: If you could spend the day with any fitness industry icon, who would it be?

A: Gilad Janklowicz! He lit the fire within me when I was 15 and got me moving.

Q: Toughest athletic or fitness challenge you conquered?

A: Overcoming a serious, life-threatening condition and injury years ago so that I could move my body again.

Q: Favorite throwback fitness format?

A: Step!

Q: What should people know about you that they might never ask?

A: I’m a first-generation high school and college graduate.

Q: If given the gift of time travel, what would you most like to experience?

A: A Shakespeare play at The Globe Theatre in London.

Q: Favorite view in San Diego?

A: The descent on an airplane as we barrel over the city.

Fitness Journal, Volume 16, Issue 6

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