“Detoxing” Requires Guts!

by: Ashley Koff, RD


Good food and hydration, plus the human body’s built-in detox brilliance, promote the optimal digestion and absorption at the core of your clients’ nutritional fitness.

Attempting to inspire better eating habits, nutrition educators have long told people, “You are what you eat,” with the notion that “being” broccoli is more compelling than “being” a double cheeseburger or a supersized beverage. Yet, as we observe the global obesity epidemic and the dietary challenges we see daily with clients, it’s clear that most of the time the idea of being broccoli isn’t motivating people to drive past the burger joint instead of through it.

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Fitness Journal, Volume 14, Issue 6

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About the Author

Ashley Koff, RD

Ashley Koff, RD IDEA Author/Presenter

Ashley Koff RD helps people and practitioners reach better health goals powered by better nutrition. As CEO of The Better Nutrition Program, Koff leads the development of better nutrition tools including better nutrition evaluations - the first and only way to assess total nutrition. A practitioner first, for over 20 years, Koff is the go-to better nutrition expert for the country’s leading doctors, media, companies and non-profit organizations. Koff hosts My Better Nutrition Alexa skill, The Better Nutrition Program interview series (Facebook & YouTube) and co-hosts Take Out with Ashley & Robyn podcast. Currently living in Columbus Ohio, Koff is re-learning trumpet, enjoys HIIT workouts, and getting outdoors with Rerun, her dog.