Inspire! Be the Change at the 2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention™

by Mary Monroe on Mar 25, 2009

In times of stress and uncertainty, how can you best inspire positive change for your clients? And what changes do you need to make to succeed in today’s economic climate?

Now more than ever, health and wellness are valuable commodities. Your clients need reserves of energy, endurance, strength and flexibility (both physically and mentally) to meet the increasing demands of their daily lives. They look to you to embody the changes they want to make. As budgets tighten, they expect real results—and more value than ever before. At the same time, your career or business may be undergoing stress and uncertainty. How do you continue to inspire your clients, and survive a challenging market?

You can find creative new ways to stay competitive—and motivated—at this year’s IDEA World Fitness Convention, which will focus on what you can do to create positive change for your clients and for your career or business.

“This is a time of change, and change has always been at the heart of our industry,” says Kathie Davis, co-founder of IDEA. “IDEA members help hundreds of thousands of people around the world change their lives every day. We’ve also been an industry that has seen a lot of changes and knows how to adapt rapidly.”

The IDEA World Fitness Convention is the largest and longest-running event in the industry, with the world’s most comprehensive educational program for fitness and wellness professionals. This year’s convention features over 300 educational sessions, 140 of the world’s best-known presenters, 9 preconference workshops and over 23 available CECs. Extensive education in exercise and wellness programming, exercise science, and career and business development is offered for personal trainers, group exercise and mind-body instructors, program directors and business owners. The convention also features the IDEA Fitness & Wellness Expo, one of the largest and most diverse trade shows in the industry. Attendees can strengthen their product knowledge muscles while enjoying some of the best bargains on equipment, services and apparel in today’s marketplace.

Industry pros from more than 65 countries will participate, making IDEA World Fitness the leading multicultural fitness event held in the United States. “International diversity is one of the most unique and refreshing aspects of this convention,” says Davis. “Fitness professionals from around the globe can exchange ideas, experiences and solutions with each other. There is a remarkable sense of shared purpose, because—no matter what part of the world we live and work in—we all have the same goal: to help people be healthier.”

300 Ways to Create More Success for Clients (and for You)

“Every one of our 300 sessions is designed to give people practical ideas and techniques that they can take home and use immediately to help their clients, and also to increase their own success,” says Aprile Peishel, MA, IDEA director of event programming. “This year’s sessions are geared to help fitness pros adapt their programs and businesses to the challenges of the economy. It’s probably never been more important for fitness pros to invest in education and new ideas.”

Sessions at the 2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention will cover a broad spectrum of topics:

  • choreography and dance
  • cardio training
  • strength training
  • group exercise teaching techniques
  • circuits and interval training
  • boot camps
  • martial arts
  • indoor cycling
  • water fitness
  • Pilates
  • yoga
  • fusion
  • flexibility training
  • personal training techniques
  • biomechanics
  • assessment and corrective exercise
  • program design
  • sports performance
  • lifestyle coaching
  • psychology & motivation
  • special populations
  • outdoor exercise
  • small-group and partner training
  • nutrition/weight management
  • exercise science
  • program direction
  • staff management
  • business development

The 2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention includes the following program highlights:

The Latest and Newest Programs Debuting Here First. IDEA World Fitness will present over 130 New “Premiere” Sessions that have never been offered elsewhere. This is the event to attend if you want to know what’s new in the industry, including the latest trends in dance, movement and exercise from around the world. Three new equipment programs that will debut at IDEA World Fitness this summer are Keiser Cycling and Striding®; Indo-Row®; and Kranking®, done on the Johnny G. Krankcycle. This year three hot, new club programs are also being featured as part of IDEA’s new Club Spotlight event. You can try these high-energy sessions, straight from the club floor: FAME, the Class by Crunch®; Hot Hula from 24 Hour Fitness®; and Climb Max by Equinox®.

More Programs for Personal Trainers. Personal trainers have more programs to choose from than ever, with just over 90 sessions covering exercise technique, exercise science, personal trainer management and personal training business skills. This year’s topics are designed to help personal trainers

  • increase market reach and build success in an economic downturn;
  • develop advanced expertise in areas such as corrective exercise, biomechanics, assessment and program design;
  • add value for clients who have special focus needs, such as injury rehab, sports training or weight loss;
  • expand services with new programs that incorporate partner or small-group training, boot camps, mind-body techniques and more; and
  • develop new strategies to increase earnings potential and business profitability.

More Mind-Body Programs. Mind-body programs are in big demand as clients struggle with increased stress, anxiety and responsibility. With over 70 diverse sessions in yoga, Pilates, Nia®, fusion, Beaming and other groundbreaking areas of exercise for wellness, this year’s convention provides a wealth of opportunities to acquire new skills and learn the latest developments in mind-body specialties.

Business, Management and Career Skills for a Challenging Economy. Convention attendees will discover new strategies for increasing efficiency, cutting costs, reaching out to new markets, adding value to stay competitive, updating marketing tools, using emerging technology, improving management techniques (such as evaluations) and changing programming to increase profitability.

Technology Track. Eight special sessions are designed to help you use the latest technology to improve your programs or your business. Learn to fuse video games with exercise, start a blog, make digital music mixes, improve your Web marketing, and design an exergaming program.

Nutrition Spotlight. This year’s event offers an expanded selection of nutrition sessions covering the latest research and information on metabolism, weight loss, behavior change and other aspects of nutrition management. Topics include hunger and stress, tactics for athletes, diet pitfalls, eating for energy, myths about energy substrates, kids’ nutrition, vegetarian strategies and ways to change nutrition habits. A nutrition preconference workshop is being offered for the first time.

Small-Group and Partner Training. Small-group and partner programs can boost clientele and revenue for group exercise instructors and personal trainers alike. Topics at the convention include innovative drills, creating a personalized experience, partner tubing, aquatic group training, games and contests, equipment options, and marketing and business development strategies.

New Tricks for Used Toys. Using your existing tools and equipment and a little creativity, it’s possible to add variety for your clients even while you stretch your budget. Sessions cover new options for tubing exercises, stability ball circuits, interval training, 4-day rotations, body weight–only techniques, ideas for boot camp sessions, and step and weighted-bar drills.

Fun, California-Style

In addition to educational opportunities, the 2009 IDEA World Fitness experience offers plenty of inspirational moments, entertainment, networking, parties, camaraderie, laughter and a chance to get out of your routine and take a break. Here are some highlights:

Relaxing in the O.C. Nobody goes to IDEA World Fitness just to learn. You’ve got to have a little fun, too—and what better place than beautiful, adventure-packed Orange County, with its stunning coastline and abundant theme parks, boutiques and sightseeing? From surfing to shopping, Disneyland® to Disney’s California Adventure Park®, O.C. is a great spot to relax and rejuvenate (why not plan an affordable minivacation before or after the convention?).

20th Anniversary of Step. You’ll want to join the celebration as the fitness industry pays tribute to the 20-year history of step exercise with a birthday party, special gifts and surprise guests. Industry icons and new faces will host this class together, mixing up old and new music with past and current moves. The class is limited to 250 people.

“Club Intrigue” Friday Night Gala Reception. This year’s Friday night welcome reception is a club-style party featuring dance music from one of the hottest DJs in Los Angeles, with drinks and hors d’oeuvres inspired by its rich cultural diversity. Hosted by the city of Los Angeles, the reception—with its theme of “Discover LA”—will give attendees the chance to learn more about the host city for next year’s IDEA World Fitness convention, August 4–10, 2010.

Opening Ceremonies and 2009 IDEA Health & Fitness Awards. Opening ceremonies will feature special guest and master of ceremonies Kathy Smith, exciting entertainment highlights, and a unique keynote presentation on health and humor by internationally renowned “Master of Playfulness” Matt Weinstein. You’ll also hear the fitness industry’s most compelling and inspiring stories of 2009, with moving tributes to the recipients of IDEA’s 2009 awards for Personal Trainer of the Year, Fitness Instructor of the Year, Program Director of the Year and Fitness Inspiration of the Year.

Renew Your Passion

“There are so many new programs and approaches for fitness professionals who want to set themselves apart and offer something different to their clients,” says Peishel. “We want to make sure that attendees can find it all in one convenient, affordable place: the most exciting new programs, all the latest equipment, the industry’s top experts and the most in-depth education. This is where you find the best the industry has to offer, and you get to renew your passion for health and fitness. It’s almost impossible not to be energized and inspired at IDEA World Fitness. Attendees tell us they feel refreshed and recharged for months after the convention—and that it’s the smartest career investment they’ve ever made.”

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