Inhale. Exhale. Focus.

Jun 01, 2007


With so much excitement unfolding as we continue IDEA’s 25th anniversary celebration and look ahead to the growth opportunities we’ve been blessed with, it’s challenging to focus on a single topic for our message to you this month. With such a tremendous buzz around our hallways, we could easily go in a dozen different directions. It’s appropriate, then, that we should take this space to get calm and disciplined, and to move ourselves into the moment. With this issue’s Body-Mind-Spirit CEC theme as our guide, we will take a shared deep breath, exhale slowly and do our level best to distill all this swirling energy into a few well-focused thoughts.

First, and closest at hand, is the IDEA World Fitness Convention® next month (July 5–9) in San Diego. If you have already registered, your countdown has begun. With about 30 days left, we are fine-tuning the details on one of the most diverse and rich educational programs we’ve ever constructed for the industry (see the preview beginning on page 39). This is also stacking up to be a major reunion and gala event. We’ve planned what promise to be extremely fun social opportunities to network and to celebrate our collective, meaningful mission to Inspire the World to Fitness®. We hope to see you there!

Next comes the 2007 Inner IDEA Conference®, September 7–9 at La Quinta in Palm Springs, California. When it was introduced last year, Inner IDEA was the first event of its kind, intentionally designed not to be a “conventional” conference but to create a unique, multisensory experience that would bring together a small group of fitness professionals to “live” wellness, rather than just learn about it. This year, the 2nd annual Inner IDEA Conference will take participants even deeper, to discover new dimensions of personal growth and professional opportunity (see details beginning on page 100).

Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP—who has written a fascinating feature this issue called “Integrative Fitness: The New Science of Body-Mind Medicine”—will be the keynote speaker at Inner IDEA and, for your further intellectual nourishment, will plunge into the concepts she presents beginning on page 56. You’ll learn why fitness is no longer limited to the physical part of our beings but rather must become fully integrated with the mental and spiritual elements to function properly. The article explains the latest cutting-edge scientific findings about harnessing the extraordinary power of what is known as integrative fitness by achieving optimal functioning of the entire mind, body and spirit.

In addition to Dr. Peeke’s article, you’ll find two excellent body-mind-spirit features covering a transformational coaching model and ways to foster social connection. Collectively, these three pieces make up the study guide for the self-test that appears on page 122. You can earn up to 0.3 CEC toward certification renewal by reading the features and passing the test.

Finally, in this issue, you’ll find the results of the IDEA Fitness Industry Compensation Survey 2006. Whether you are an owner, a program director/manager, a personal trainer, a body-mind professional or a group exercise instructor, this biannual survey provides essential career information regarding average industry compensation and benefits. Much more than a simple report on wages, the survey offers insights into what employers value when they are hiring, promoting or determining pay. Turn to page 44 to gauge where you stand vis-à-vis your peers.

Even after streamlining, that’s still a lot of information! Join us for another big inhalation. Now exhale slowly . . . and prepare to dive into the excitement.

Yours in good health,

Kathie and Peter Davis



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