Increasing Clients' Bone Density

Feb 01, 2004


Subject: Janis Dorfman

Location: New York City

Clientele: Dorfman trains the patients of a top physician in New York City, many of whom have osteoporosis or osteopenia (the start of osteoporosis). The sessions include strength training, balance and posture exercises. (Clients do cardiovascular training on their own.)

Why She Moved From South Africa: Although Dorfman owns a personal training center and gym in South Africa, she is thrilled to now be training in New York. “I came here on vacation. A doctor I met was impressed enough with my work to employ me and endorse my program. I couldn't refuse the opportunity to work with him,” she says. “At home I felt uninspired. I was ready for a creative challenge. I feel so inspired by my clients here that I don’t want to leave them even though I miss my husband, family and clients in South Africa. I am lucky that my husband and family are taking care of my business. My work here has been magical. My husband says that I’ve come alive again.”

Client Success: Dorfman’s clients rave about her work. As one client, Maggie Cadman, wrote:

“I had been working with Janis for only 3 weeks when I went to a matinee with a friend. The weather was lovely when we came out of the theater, and we decided to walk home. I love to walk but it’s usually a painful activity that tires me out before I reach my destination.

I had surgery on one foot about 6 months prior to this occasion and was in much less pain than I had been for many years, so I was walking a bit more than before the surgery. However, my apartment was 30 blocks from the theater, and I was pretty certain that my friend and I would grab a cab after traversing just a few blocks.

We were both somewhat shocked that I made it the whole way and was more energized than tired! Janis and I had been working on balance and weight loss (and continue to do so). Thanks to our training, I was much more able than usual to maneuver around uneven sidewalks, potholes and faster-moving pedestrians. I even managed to chat as we walked, without fear of falling.

The walk took about 45 minutes. I doubt I'll ever be able to cover that distance in the 20 minutes it normally takes my friend, but I imagine that minutes will come off my time as I continue my work with Janis, developing greater strength and stability.”

Why She Likes Her Work: Dorfman is constantly inspired by the amazing results her clients get, including increased bone density. “When a 76-year-old client tells me that she climbed 16 flights of stairs to get to her apartment during the big blackout last summer, I’m inspired.”

Keeping Clients Motivated When She’s Gone: Dorfman hopes to stay in New York for an extended time. In order to spend time with her family, she periodically leaves clients for several weeks. “I want my clients to be independent, so I give them ‘homework,’ a written program of exercises to do between sessions. I tell them they must do this homework to get results. When they progress I change the program. In this way they collect a bank of exercises. When I travel I ask them to e-mail to tell me how many times a week they are exercising. I then e-mail them to give my support and guidance.”

IDEA Personal Trainer, Volume 2005, Issue 2

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