Ignite Your Passion and Watch Your Career Thrive

by Ryan Halvorson on Feb 26, 2019

Enhance your fitness career and join us at the 2019 IDEA® World Convention in Anaheim, California, from June 26–30.

The most powerful industry event in the world, the IDEA® World Convention, lands in Anaheim, California, June 26–30.

As a fit pro, you’re a forward-thinking, highly skilled professional who works tirelessly to Inspire the World to Fitness®. After hustling for clients, teaching countless classes and paying bills, the question is, what do you do for yourself to make sure the passion that drove you to become a fitness leader continues to burn bright?

“Passion is what gets you started, and it’s what keeps you going in this industry,” says Brian Nunez, owner of FNS Training Center in Santa Clara, California. “You can have all of the education and certifications in the world, but if you don’t passionately serve and help people, it will be very difficult to grow as a leader.” That principle is the inspiration behind this year’s IDEA® World Convention.

“By ‘igniting your passion’ with the right knowledge, tools and mentors, you can avoid burnout and turn your passion into a sustainable and fulfilling career,” says Ashley Selman, MA, owner of Evolution Trainers in Mountain View, California. “That is what attendees receive [at] the IDEA World Convention.”

Ignite Your Spirit in Sunny SoCal

According to Visit California, travel to the sunshine state grows year after year. That’s no surprise, as California is home to some of the most breathtaking views, cultural diversity and thrilling experiences that the U.S. has to offer. No matter your interest—nature, food, art, shopping or theme parks—there’s something for you within driving distance of the Anaheim Convention Center. And we’ll even have a variety of outdoor sessions available to satisfy your inner explorer.

Transform Your Career, Transform Your World

IDEA World Convention Fitness and education

Education is the foundation of everything that happens at IDEA World—here you’ll find more than 350 sessions led by 225 of the top experts in the industry. This year, the program covers the gamut, from personal training (both science and technique), group fitness, indoor cycling, Pilates and yoga to health coaching, nutrition, behavior change and everything related to the business of fitness.

“I love attending IDEA World Convention,” says Erik James, owner of Active Bodies in Mesa, Arizona. “The presenters have always done a remarkable job of sharing their incredible knowledge as well as their success stories. I leave for home with so much valuable information and a renewed sense of vigor. Typically, I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my own coaching and training methods. I will continue to attend every year as long as I am able.”

Beyond stellar education, IDEA World offers a full menu of experiences that are fun and fulfilling:

  • networking events and parties;
  • outdoor Southern California adventures;
  • fitness challenges; and
  • the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo.

According to IDEA World attendee Jill Rooks, owner of The Energy Lab in Redlands, California, one of the most valuable benefits is the opportunity to spend 4 days with likeminded individuals who share her goal of helping others to lead healthier, happier lives. “To be surrounded by so many other passionate fitness professionals feeds the soul and stays with you for a long time,” she says. “The face-to-face time and connections are invaluable, and the leadership of IDEA, the format and options are beyond compare.”

To learn more about this year’s epic event, click here.

Photography by Len Spoden.

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