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by Jessica L Cline on Jun 24, 2013

Sharing interests brings the Tribe together.

Whether it’s a sport, a hobby or a hidden talent, we all have at least one favorite activity that fills us with more joy than anything else we do. However, the greatest joy comes from being able to share the feeling with someone else. As part of National Employee Wellness Month we wanted to share a facet of IDEA’s wellness initiative that resonated with employees and created solid bonding among team members—a great recipe for employee wellness!

As part of its “Exercise Your Happiness“ wellness initiative, the IDEA Health & Fitness Association Wellness Committee focused second quarter activities on the theme of “Passion.” During the quarter any Tribe member who wanted to share his or her passion with the rest of the team was encouraged to do so through a series of planned Lunch and Learns. Each session was an hour or less and brought people together from across departments to try something new.

“I loved going to each of the sessions,” said Kelli Davis, social media and web products manager at IDEA. “I not only learned new skills, but I also found new hobbies that I now participate in regularly. The best part was getting to hear other members of the IDEA Tribe talking about their passion and getting to bond with other tribe members in the sessions.”

Sessions included:

Vision Board Creation

Stephanie Graham, IDEA’s educational services coordinator, believes a vision board she created during her job search led her straight to IDEA. On a recent Monday afternoon, she shared her methodology for attaining goals through creating vision boards with interested Tribe members. “Vision boards give me an outlet to push myself to achieve more than I thought was possible,” Graham says. “I'm lucky to work in an environment where I felt this type of presentation would be well received.”

Quick and Healthy Weeknight Dinners

“For me, there is no greater joy than spreading my knowledge and excitement about how simple healthy cooking can be,” says Sandy Todd Webster, editor in chief for IDEA’s award-winning publications. “When IDEA Tribe members tell me they tried one of my recipes or were inspired to cook a meal at home with their families, it makes me feel incredibly happy and fulfilled.” The passion sessions gave Webster the opportunity to share her love of nutrition and cooking with about 25 Tribe members. She passed along simple tricks and recipes to help make cooking weeknight dinners as effortless as possible. And since no cooking talk is complete without samples, Webster whipped up big batches of each recipe to share.

Plants Make Our Office Healthy

Allison Doyle, IDEA’s event programming coordinator, shared her interest in terrarium building with the Tribe by guiding them as they created personalized mini terrariums for their offices. “Plants really brighten up any space, especially the white walls of an office,” says Doyle. “They bring color and decoration to barren spaces.” She showed the Tribe how dirt, moss, pine cones, plants and small decorative pieces can be combined in a glass to create a unique little world. “Unlike a potted plant, there is an element of creativity and personalization that can go into building a terrarium,” Doyle said. Many little gardens now brighten offices throughout the building.

Sewing 101

For anyone who spent their time in home economics class napping or who had a nice mother to take care of all their patching needs, sewing can be very intimidating. Aprile Peishel, IDEA’s director of event programming—who also is a master seamstress and upholstery expert—thought it would be helpful if she taught the tribe some sewing basics. “Once a person experiences a bit of success with a project, they tend to become more adventurous and more enthusiastic about trying additional projects,” Peishel says. Peishel loves sewing; she loves seeing the final product, especially when it matches or exceeds her vision. She expressed this enthusiasm as she gave the IDEA Tribe pointers on how to get started, tools they would need and how to be successful.

Debunking Your Bake-From-Scratch Fears

“Knowing that I can brighten someone's day with a small treat is a feeling of joy unlike any other; the actual dessert is just an added bonus!” says Jenilee Sanchez, IDEA’s marketing communications specialist. Sanchez will share the many tips and tricks she has learned through her own baking experiences with the Tribe this Friday in hope of dispelling any fears about it. Sanchez knows that baking can be daunting for those who rarely do it, but she hopes to convince most that it can be fun and easy.

What are some unique ideas you or your company are trying for National Employee Wellness Month? In general, what are you doing to promote wellness within your ranks? Share your ideas in the comment section below.



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Jessica L Cline

Jessica L Cline IDEA Author/Presenter

Jessica is an Editorial Assistant at IDEA Health & Fitness Association. She graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in journalism and a BS in health and exercise science. She has a GFI certification from ACE and is working on a Health Coach certification. Jessica is a long distance runner who has competed in half and full marathons. She enjoys running, hiking, walking her dogs, horse back riding and any outdoor activities.