Guerilla Marketing—Taking It to the Streets

by Ryan Halvorson on Nov 01, 2008

Making News

As costs continue to increase, businesses look to find creative and inexpensive methods of informing potential consumers about products or services. The term guerilla marketing refers to a program employing somewhat aggressive measures to drum up new business. IDEA member Karen Jashinsky is one business owner who is taking her message to the streets.

Jashinsky and several teenage members of O2 MAX, a teen-oriented fitness “hub” that offers personal training, group fitness classes, tutoring and more, embarked on a mission to create awareness about obesity among Santa Monica, California, residents. Called “Tour De Fitness,” Jashinsky and her teens donned concrete-gray T-shirts and orange bandanas and traversed the city performing lunges, push-ups and running drills. The group learned about healthy eating at Whole Foods Market, took pictures with surfer Laird Hamilton and participated in a “street-side” yoga class courtesy of Lululemon Athletica.

“I had wanted to do a guerilla marketing event and get as many teens as possible engaged,” says Jashinsky. “The goal was to make it fun while teaching them about fitness and nutrition along the way.” The event was a smash success, says Jashinsky. “The feedback we got from the teens who participated and the adults we met along the way solidified this. Some of the kids had never walked that far and had no idea they were capable of it.”

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