Get Your Business Out of Debt in Three Steps

by: Brent Gallagher, MS

Fitness Entrepreneur

Use these simple steps to eradicate your debt and live the life you’ve dreamed of.

What if you walked into your facility tomorrow and everything was paid off?

What if there were

  • no weight equipment or treadmill payments due;
  • no payments due for a rubber floor or a state-of-the-art sound system; and
  • no loan bills due—that is, no bank requesting its piece of your pie plus interest?

What if instead of paying the bills (aka “your debts”) every month, you could put all that money into a savings account and begin to build true wealth? Does this sound like a fairy tale?

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Fitness Journal, Volume 15, Issue 5

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About the Author

Brent Gallagher, MS

Brent Gallagher, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Brent Gallagher is the owner of Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle, a brand measuring the quality of the life one can live, not just their biceps and waistline. He has created a one-of-a-kind, unorthodox, 30 minute approach to training, nutrition and life that’s an unsuspecting experience from the typical workout. Brent invests time coaching high performing leaders and challenging fitness businesses to come to blows with the status quo by redefining what’s possible for the communities they serve. See more information at